Dear on work than in the circles of the family

59 percent of Japanese employees move the work of the family because the family is too exhausting

It raises a clear, although not completely unexpected light on the fact that the frequently quoted performance printing in Japan has now reached the families with full force: Japan Today reported this day over a survey of 2.000 married Japanese employees aged 30 and 49 years. When asked if you encourage home family life, 1 answered.180 with "Yes", that’s 59 percent.

Although the idea of the family-based family based on romantic love of the spouse as the most important unit of society is by no means general and the historical development of the presentation of families with a surname are in making regions of this world just about 100 years old. In general, however, the family also applies as a core cell of society and thus commonly considered a good idea. A woman who loves a man, one or more children who can be considered as a connection into the future as well as a home that protects one in front of the inconsiste of the world outside the world.

Why does this see the majority of married workers in Japan so completely different?

What makes Japanese family life so exhausting? First and second for the family problems called the respondents a wife whose claims and whims of their manners cause seizure or at least understood. This reason seemed far more important than the subsequent reasons such as relationships without sex, lack of free time, financial problems or interference from the pages of the in-laws.

The wife was inadequate, to please her husband, was a frequent answer of the questioning manner. If you come home after a hard working day with 12 to 14 working hours, you will often receive in a sound that rather reminds a supervisor than a delicious lovable danger of life. If you do not help her with the housework, you are a failure and if you help, then you’re called a stumper.

Dear on work than in the circles of the family

In his movie Gyakufunsha Kazoku (German title: "The family with the reverse dusen drive") Sōgo Ishii showed the stress of family life already impressively in 1984

A Mr. Takahashi (34 years) is mentioned, who had gone in parental leave when his wife awaited a child. In the eyes of his wife, however, he had been more obstacle than help and the dispute over little things exploded such that they had stood just before a divorce and only had the child together.

Mr Fukami (39), who reported that he had been inclined to his wife in the course of their strong character, had to realize over the years that he had probably interpreted the strong character and took note of the warning signs better, because the strong character obviously turned out of valley trait. His wife has become with a mobel-up after him, if he did not fold a towel to her full satisfaction. When they had the child in the cold in the middle of winter, he submitted divorce.

The problem of the main parents

Another problem area that makes Japanese families obviously creating are the parents of the spouse. So some Japanese sons, which were practically unavailable due to their own multility father, were virtually without this, even at the age of 30, 40 years does not loose from the mother-child relationship, which does not relief the relationship with wife.

If the coarse parents were clamped as a babysitter for their grandchildren, they were involved in returning to the education of grandchildren and this in turn to displace their parents. The unavoidable interference of their parents probably also ensure considerable credits a Mr. Yoshikawa (32) complained that his mother show more participation in his life when he likes him. You are constantly inquiring by e-mail, as it goes to him and if he already eaten and so on. Mr Hosaka (34) showed the problem of parental influence when he refused to take over the time of time on the country. After the parents had noted that they could not convince him, they started working his wife and the common child and swarmed them from the good life in the countryside.

How hard co-life is in the domestic four walls when the husband is no longer at work every day for 12 to 14 hours, it also shows that many Japanese people aged. 60 years divorced when the man is in pension. You can not stand it anymore with a man who can do nothing without work and still with his family, nothing. These women whistle on a financially secure age and prefer to raise the risk of being in purchasing as far as the day-to-day relationship stress.

After the evaluation of the results of this survey in Japan, several questions arise: who actually invented the institution family, which can speak in practice the lives of people so. And why had the model family to prevail for a long time despite these difficulties? The family is still the right way of life today?

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