Deal or no deal? – brexit negotiations go to the target straight

Deal or No Deal? - Brexit negotiations go to the target straight

Under massive time prere, Great Britain and the European Union try to agree on a trading pact. After the end of the Brexit transition phase, he should prevent dramatic economic disturbances on both sides at the turn of the year. EU Commission Feast of the Leyen and the British Premier Boris Johnson want to talk again on Monday night, whether an agreement is still possible at the last minute. The subhars of both sides, David Frost and Michel Barnier, had resumed the conversation thread on Sunday in Brussel.

Exit uncertain

The prospects for a breakthrough are, however, – Johnson and the Leyen had continued to complain after a telephone call on Saturday, but explains to not give up yet. It remained unclear whether the scope of the subhandler for keywords has now been gross.

Much is on the game: Should the talking failure, threaten to the turn of the year, threatens and other trade hospitals between the Great Britain and the continent. Because then the Brexit transition period runs out, while despite the British EU outlet on 31. January everything remained at the old one. The economy on both sides of the Armelanal calculates for the case of a no-deal brexite with strong distortions. Verband warn against food and medicine shortages. It is escaped that it comes to kilometer-wide traffic jams in the hinterland of the journey terminal in Dover and the entrance to the Eurotunnel in Folkestone.

Preparations for MegasTaus

According to a report of the Observer, the British government even plans to launch the Corona vaccine of the Mainz company Biiontech and its US partner Pfizer with militar aircraft in the country-approved Corona vaccine of the Mainz company. This should prevent the long-term average to the flagged traffic chaos falls victim. With traffic jams, even in the case of a deal is expected, because even without too existing additional formalities.

Above all, it is still quoted above three topics: equal competitive conditions, fishing and instruments to punish violism against the planned agreement. For competitive conditions – the keyword is called Level Playing Field – among other things, it is about environmental, social and aid standards. Greater Britain liked to make a few specifications from the EU – for Johnson is a matter of sovereignty. However, the EU wants to prevent competitive advantages for British companies by means of government mating, especially since the desired trade agreement of British goods were undamaged and without quantity limitation on the EU market.

The second important interior of fisheries is about the quantities that cause EU fishermen to catch in British wasses. In the conversation, insiders are quotes and a clause to check the regulation after a certain period – a so-called revision clause. Environmental and Agriculture Minister George Eustice threw the EU in the sender Sky News "grotesque" Demands.

No progress on the weekend

Representatives of the British Government Meadows on the spade of Sunday night reports on a progress in the strife theme Fisheries Back. "There was no breakthrough in the fish. Nothing has been achieved today", so the statement of a British government representative. Several British media had previously reported by such progress, citing EU sources.

Especially for France, the topic of fisheries has a high political meaning. "If there is an agreement, we will rate the text and analyze the text", France’s European State Secretar Clement Beaune of Sunday newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche. "However, if the agreement is not good and does not meet our interests, in particular the interests of the fishermen, we were able to create a Veto, like every Member State." Also Prasident Emmanuel Macron had previously threatened with the Veto.

To ruste for the NO-DEAL case, however, it seems to be significantly higher on the priority list for the British, as the negotiating partners in Brussel peacefully correct: their planned internal market law was allowed to provide for further pet fabric, as there are parts of the already valid EU Exterior agreement was lifted. The EU is an emport on the planned breach of contract and has initiated legal action. But London does not let himself be fooled and wants to bring the law – after a defeat in the upper house – on Monday with the controversial clauses in the lower house. "These clauses are very important – especially when we leave the EU without an agreement", Stressed Eustice.

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