Cyber attack on usa: trump plays danger and takes russians in protection

Cyber attack on USA: Trump plays danger and takes Russians in protection

The reigning US Prassident Donald Trump has protected Russia in the debate on the massive hacker attack on American government institutions and dismissed his sword Mike Pompeo open. Pompeo had made Moscow responsible for the Cyberatacke.

"It is always every Russia daily"

Trump wrote on Saturday on Twitter, it will always happen to Russia, if something happens. It may also be China, but this option will be "From amongwhile financial grunden" uncontrolled. Trump played the exhaust and the risk of the hacker attack in his tweet and took advantage of the incident to spreading blank fraud for the prasident election.

Pompeo had said at the Friday evening (local time) in a radio interview, it is now "pretty" say that the Russians were stuck behind the attack. Russia has accessed any connection to the hacker attack.

Weibe’s house in explanatory note

Several US media, including the Washington Post and the station CNN, reported on Saturday, in the woman’s house had already been prepared an explanation in which Russia should be named as the author of the attack – as in Pompeos statement. The explanation had been published by original planes afterwards on Friday, but then had been retained. Now the female house is in explanatory note, which position the government is in the question.

The US home protection ministry had confirmed on Monday that there were attacks on several federal agents. Details did not share the ministry. According to US media reports, the financial and commercial ministry as well as other hosts have been attacked. On Friday, the Energy Ministry explained, it was affected.

Access via SolarWinds products

The attackers have gained access to the systems of government institutions and companies after the company’s existing findings of Solarwind’s software. The US Software Concerters Microsoft said that 40 of his clients were affected, which had used the attacked software.

The Washington Post and the New York Times had already reported several days ago, the attackers are hackers with connections to Russian intelligence. Moscow pointed the back. "We have nothing to do with it", Stretched it out of the Kremlin.

Pompeo contradicted the now public and accused the first US government representative especially Russia in the case. He spoke of "significant effort" the attacker.

"Everything fully under control"

Trump had slowly silent for the hacker attack and not publicly. With his Tweet, he was now protective against Russia and brought abruptly – and without any document – China as a possible author of the attack into the conversation.

Trump also claimed that the attack will be in the "Lugna media" far roughly represented as he was indeed. "I was fully informed, and everything is fully under control", he wrote.

The US Head of Cyber and Infrastructure Security (CISA), however, had the hacker attack as "serious danger" For the Federal Government, for governments by states and municipalities, for the critical infrastructure and for organizations of the private sector. Removing the attacker from affected systems is expected "highly complex" design. The cyber attack continues at least since Marz. Who had the tatters "Patience, operational safety and complex craftsmanship" proven.

Politicians are alarmed

Even in the Democrats dominated US Reprused anthouse, the chairmen of several rejects had shown highest alert. The attack "could have potentially devastating consequences for the national security of the USA", They memorized.

The chairman of the secret service committee of the Chamber, the Democrat Adam Schiff, wrote on Saturday on Twitter, Trump’s exercise is one "Another scandalous betrayal" At the US national security. The tweet blade when he has been written in the Kremlin.

Gentle course against Russia?

Trump has long been accused of driving a gentle course against Russia. At a meeting with Kremlkef Vladimir Putin 2018 in Finland For example, Trump had questioned on open bean insights of his own intelligence services that were convinced that Russia had mixed up in the 2016 election campaign.

At the beginning of November, Trump had lost the chief of Prassidal against his democratic challenger Joe Biden. So far, Trump did not snap his defeat in the election, but claimed he had been brought by massive fraud for victory. Evidence for Dafur he did not submit. More than 50 complaints of the Trump camp were rejected by dishes. Also in his tweet to the cyberattacke, trump raised again blank premieges and wrote that they have given electronic manipulation in the election.

"Almost a warlike act"

Also prominent representatives in the US Congress from both parties exults highest worried. The Republican Chairman of the Intelligence Judgment in the US Senate, Maro Rubio, wrote on Twitter, it is increasingly clear that Russia is behind this hardest cyberattack of the US history. America muse retaliation. He said it was almost one "martial act".

The Vizechef of the Committee, the Democratic Senator Mark Warner, said the Sender ABC on Sunday, everything indicates that the attack goes to the account of Russia. "She could still run." The attack is extremely serious and can not remain unanswered.

"Trump blind for Russia"

The Gerwere Chief of the Board of Cyber and Infrastructure Security (CISA), Christopher Krebs, said the Board of Cyber and Infrastructure Security, said the station CNN on Sunday: "That’s Russia." The Russians are extremely good for hacker attacks. He should, however, be backed up, what is a retaliation.

The Republican Senator Mitt Romney, known as the party-internal critic trump, said CNN, the attack was "Apparently dangerous" and met a powerful answer. He lamented, Trump be blind for offense of Russia.

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