Current pc gaming deals: “surviving mars” free, “resident evil 2 + 3” favorable

Current PC Gaming Deals:'surviving mars' gratis, 'resident evil 2+3' gunstiger'surviving mars' gratis, 'resident evil 2+3' gunstiger

Games Sales, Giveaways and Bundle Deals are now all the purpose for PC players. If you do not filter yourself regularly through the offer lists, you can overlook the mass fast-worthwhile title. We therefore present some games to promise the SPAB and currently have to be particularly favorable.

Surviving Mars for free at EPIC

Space Strategy | Windows, Mac | for free

For all Mars enthusiasts and those who want to be, the space strategy game offers Surviving Mars a playful entry into the exploration of the red planet. In a fictional future scenario, it is about building a colony on Mars to remain the planet and can be colonized. First and foremost, it is important to create conditions that make the survival on Mars at all possible. Thus, a steadily growing MARS basis is building under oxygen-supplied glass coupling and sagging for the degradation of resources, the expansion of infrastructure, the cultivation of food and the exploration of new technologies.

Trailer for Surviving Mars (Source: Paradox Interactive)

In addition to the genre-typical challenges, the player on the Mars also expect unpleasant events such as sandstorms or mysterious black river, which suddenly emerge from nothing.

Surviving Mars is up to the 18th. Marz 2021 in the Epic Store ready for free pickup.

Metro 2033 free at Steam

First-person shooter | Windows | for free

Until the 15th. Marz At 18:00, the Postaapokalyptic First Person Shooter Metro 2033 can be added to your own Steam account. However, this is the original from 2010 and not the technically modernized REDUX version from 2014. The latter is currently available for 3.99 euros, the other parts of the metro series are highly discounted over the weekend.

Current PC Gaming Deals:'surviving mars' gratis, 'resident evil 2+3' gunstiger'surviving mars' gratis, 'resident evil 2+3' gunstiger

Metro 2033 plays in the Moscow subway and radiates an oppressive atmosphere

Resident Evil 2

Horror action | Windows | 15,99 € (instead of 39,99 €)

The award-winning survival horror game Resident Evil 2 (2019) shows impressive how good remakes of games classics should look like nowadays. Already the original of 1998 could handle it with his unique gaming game player for non-contemporary hours in front of the console or the calculator. The recipe for success seems that Resident Evil-Games so easy. A diabolical corporation releases a dead virus that makes people to brainless, meaty zombies. The virus spreads rapidly across the world and is the zombie apocalypse in full swing. In the role of the police freshlings Leon, one puts in the zombies in the way and makes themselves finally looking for the origin of the whole disaster. Alternatively, the student Claire Redfield can also be found in Resident Evil 2 as a playable protagonist that is looking for your brother.

Trailer to Resident Evil 2 (Source: PlayStation Europe)

Leons and Claire’s stories overlooking the game, which in combination with the main story a for the zombie horror genre astonishingly ultimate in the game depth. In terms of content, the story was adjusted to the joy of the fans only slightly adjusted, visually and technically shines the remake of Re2 in Hubschen, Timeway.

Resident Evil 2 is up to 15. Marz 2021 available for 15.99 euros in the Humble Store. Who already knows the second part, should take a look at the remake of Resident Evil 3 throw. This was published about one year after the RE2 remake and is also playing. Resident Evil 3 is ready for sale in the same period for 19.79 euros in the Humble Store.

Control (+ 8 other titles)

Action Adventure | Windows | 10,67 € (instead of $ 250)

Control is a mix of action adventure and third-person shooter. In the game, you slot in the role of the main character Jesse Thread, which after a long search finally found the headquarters of the mysterious authority Federal Bureau of Control. Once there, she is confronted with a surrounding line of chaos, which seems to prevail throughout the building of secret furnishings. Responsible for the disorder is a bosy power called "Hiss", the anyone who puts themselves in the way, either transformed or transformed into Willeless Hullen. In order to be able to accommodate it with this seemingly smooth entity, Jesse also uses overtures and transforms almost every object in the game into a weapon. In addition, in the course of the game, she learns new skills that influence the game flavor.

Trailer to Control (Source: PlayStation Europe)

For example, Jesse does not only control things to move things by means of telecinetic power from A to B, but can also float and straight a few meters away from a few meters. Your special skills will not only help to keep normal opponents and bosses from the body, but also with some Ratselpassagages, which is always overwhelmed in the game again and again.

Control is currently under Humble Choice in the package with eight other games, including Elex, Kingdom Two Crowns and XCom Chimera Squad. Unfortunately, the bundle is only available by subscription, which can be recommended at any time and has no minimum term. So if you subscribe and know directly again, pay for all tracks once 9.95 euros. If you do not know, the subscription is changing monthly with a selection of new titles.

Mark Of The Ninja: Remastered

Stealth action | Windows | 6,79 € (instead of € 16.79)

In the action-packed Ninja slaughter Mark Of The Ninja: Remastered It’s about making hard armed opponents silently, crops and quickly from the way to room. The game allows the player to develop a playing way and to play the game according to their own preferences. So you can squeeze yourself in Mark Of The Ninja Remastered with a sharp blade through the enemies or also do without violence and extract the game without a single adversary. In the gameplay, the game character of cursed tabs that the Ninja unlock new skills or improve already known skills.

Trailer to Mark of the Ninja: Remastered (Source: Klei Entertainment)

The Remastered version of 2018 was not only improved by 4K resolution and surround sound, but also has new game content in the pack. Thus, in the overworked version of the game, the DLC The Dosan’s Tale, a new character and many new items are included. In addition, Mark of the Ninja: Remastered now offers a new game plus mode that allows it to play the game again with increased levels of difficulty.

Mark of the Ninja: Remastered stands at GOG to 15. Marz 2021 for 6,79 Euro for sale.

The Long Dark

Survival | Windows, Mac, Linux | 8,24 € (instead of 24,99 €)

The Long Dark send players in the icy Canadian wilderness. There, in the role of the bush pilot, Mackenzie wants to go off with the plane and tries to secure our own survival and Dr. To find Astrid Greenwood, which was also on board the plane. During the search you discover the place Milton, where the first indications of the Mysteriosis Story can be found. In a lifestyling environment, it is primarily about dealing with hunger, thirst and cold. The survival game is missing (for the gluck) to zombies, but there are some wild animals that want to the player.

Trailer to The Long Dark (Source: Hinterland)

Which the adversities of the wilderness appear too difficult in particular at the beginning of the game, which can be adjusted by means of an adjustable difficulty, among other things, among other things, the aggressiveness of the animals or the hardness of the survival mechanics. But also through another simple game mechanism, The Long Dark rises from the crowd: you play alone, a multiplayer mode does not exist.

The Long Dark is available at Steam until 15. Marz 2021 for 8.24 euros to buy.

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Current PC Gaming Deals:'surviving mars' gratis, 'resident evil 2+3' gunstiger'surviving mars' gratis, 'resident evil 2+3' gunstiger

The horror survival game Alien: isolation Is there until 29.04.2021 Free in the Epic Store. The card RPG Hand of Fate 2 there is also free until 29.04.2021.

Bundle deals

For saving sacks can also be worthwhile bundles. Due to the rather low prices, a bundle purchase sometimes expects to be interested in a single one of the contained titles. Other bundle in turn points above the amount of games contained. Attention: Many bundles put on a subscription model! The following bundle deals are currently currently:

Bundle Games price Systems end comment
Humble choice Control, Elex, Kingdom Two Crowns + 6 more 9,95 EUR Win, Mac *, Linux * 05.04. Monthly risible subscription
Amazon Gaming Adventures of Chris, Spinch, Stealth Bastard + more from 5,75 EUR / month Windows March In Amazon Prime

* System is only supported by part of the games

When is the next steam-sale?

Sales are available on Steam at any time. Typically, the "Weeklong Deals" with the "Weekend Deals" AB – these are individual special offers, which apply in the week or weekends. In addition, there are the gross Steam sales, which take place once a year. Currently, the following Groben Sales are on the specified data:

    • Steam Summer Sale: expected from the 23. June 2021

    In fact, the data may deviate or take more rough sales that are not known yet.

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