Coronavirus protective mask regulation

Coronavirus Protective Mask Regulation

the "Protective" allows access to free or. Referred FFP2 masks for risk groups – unfortunately a little coordinated action

After the Government was obviously falling into summer sleep, the risk of a second corona wave has simultaneously hidden and now realize that the number of RKI’s reported and deceased is already clearly coarse than for Christmas was expected , unexpected activity in Berlin breaks out.

After the November idea of Lockdown Light did not achieve a truly rising success and now the promised vaccines will probably not be available in the expected scope, seems to break out a movement in the Federal Government, which in the case of the pandemic may only advise and coordinate, which one can also refer to a good will as such overstreaming that only the term "panic" Seems to be offered (from panic in the lockdown).

All from 60 or risk groups

the "Regulation on the right to protective masks to avoid infection with Coronavirus SARS-COV-2", published on the 15.12. 2020 in the Federal Gazette, – online under the term "Protective" to find – should it all about 60-year-old inhabitants in Germany as well as all relief of the accredited risk groups still measure this year to get three protective masks of Quality FFP2 in the pharmacy of their choice.

The FFP2 masks are a disposable masks described in front of Corona as protective masks that were protected from particulate matter and bacteria. Protection against viruses first offered the more expensive FFP3 masks, which were last only with built-in valve for unfiltered exhales in the architectural markets, now from the 16.12. also shelves.

About the pharmacy finder can also be pre-ordered the masks at the pharmacy, where you are a regular customer. So that you do not necessarily have to increase the coast of the big rush to his pharmacy. The pharmacies are stopped to make the masks only to their regular customers, because their budget for the free masks to be delivered on the basis of the drug packs cast in the third quarter.

Medicine orders for foreign mailpothes are not paying for the budget calculation for the budget calculation. Masks delivered by the local pharmacies to persons who are using their medications typically shopping in foreign mail order pharmacies will only be reimbursed within the framework of the German Mask Distribution Program in the context of the assigned budget. No compensation is provided for budget carriers. The affected pharmacist himself had to pay for this.

The current mask program is from the Night and Emergency Service Fund of the DAV E. V. (NNF) paid to which all German pharmacies each amounted to 1.77 euros per delivered prescription drug from their fixes that they receive from the cash registers. As a problem with the mask delivery to unknown customers, for the pharmacies of § 4 of the Protective MV, if you can do not understand the submission of the masks, for example, by signing a self-clarification.

Defective appointment between the participants

That the availability of the free FFP2 masks from the 15.12 2020 should apply, although the Regulation will receive its validity only with the publication in the Federal Gazette, shows how little coordinated the mask action has been arranged.

This is still talking about the fact that the from the 16.12. Appropriate Lockdown, which forces many retailers to shaped, for the 15. a final sale bustle in the inner states, which hardly mimizes that the required abstocks can be adhered to.

Tips for dealing with the FFP2 masks

For example, advice of WDR: "If you wear the FFP2 masks wear only a few hours a day and kept dry, you can use it for a week." Whether this really makes sense, seems quite questionable. Likewise, there were already the information of the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (Baua).

Mask procurement problems

FFP2 masks seem to be available in the German market in sufficient quantities. The problem is more likely to find the masks also find the path from the gross trade to the pharmacies.

Shipping contracts on the coarse logistics companies such as DHL do not only collide there with the UNDER CHRISTMAS BUSINESS, but also with the shipping costs this year again by 20 percent. This leads in practice that the pharmacies must pick up their mask orders with own vehicles in the gross trade.

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