Coronavirus: india censored posts with the name “indian variant”

Coronavirus: India censored posts with the name'indische variante''indische variante'

The Indian government has prompted all social media platforms to remove all content where there are talk of one "Indian variant" of the coronavirus is. In a letter from the Ministry of Elektronik and Information Technology (Meith), was caught for reasons that the World Health Organization in any of its reports was the term "Indian variant" with the B.1.617 Variant of the Coronavirus.

Nickname "Indian variant" For the variant with the scientific name B.1.617 You can actually find numerous countries in many clues of resistances and media. Where this mutation comes from exactly, is just as unclear as in the so-called British variant.

That India reacts sensitively to the term, is easily explained: with indications of origin, in the past, guilty assignments were always associated, for example through the former US Prassident Donald Trump, which had called the Coronavirus as China virus. Great Britain also rejected the name "British variant". There, however, one speaks less localizing from the "Kent variant".

After the request now the request

During the stamp "Indian variant" In the international perception, apparently no longer remember, the Indian government in his own country turns the thumb bolts closer. In the letter from the Information Technology Ministry, social media platforms are called on all content that the "Indian variant" Name the coronavirus, relate to it or to imply, to remove it immediately from your platform.

Already at the beginning of May, the Ministry requested the social media platforms in India to point out their users that they should not unaven that the Indian openness could in any way mischievous. This does not only refer to the pandemic itself, but especially on the handling of the Indian government. What falls into this category must even sweeten the platforms. Thus, the short message service Twitter already met the request to remove dozens of contributing that criticized the government’s handling of the Coronavirus outbreak. Twitter gave to avoid a detention of Twitter employees.

Long story

According to current surveys, about a third of the Indians and Indians uses social media. However, the Indian authorities have repeatedly blocked services, such as cashmere conflict. Also Tiktok was blocked last year after a renewed border conflict between China and India. Again and again that happens Twitter, for example at protests.

Coronavirus: India censored posts with the name'indische variante''indische variante'

WhatsApp and Facebook are also important platforms in India. In addition, there are others, which are less known in Germany.

The Indian government defends itself against censorship premiums. The IT Ministry liked that the Government was criticism in opposite, but maps of those who seized the social media in the midst of severe humanitarian crisis for unethical intentions.

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