Corona study: probably long-interest immunite by anti-body

Corona Study: Probably long-interest immunite by anti-body

Corona patients have a study in many cases permanently so many anti-corporate that a renewed infection with the virus can probably be shifted. To this result, an even unavailable study at 327 Covid 19 patients in Chinese Wuhan, which are one of the world’s first infected people. For more than 80 percent of patients, six months after their disease, biologically active anti-corporate had been proven, which are fahig to make the virus in progress, said the viral Ulf Dittmer, director of the institute for virology of the Universityik Essen.

At the study of the German-Chinese Community laboratory in Wuhan, in addition to Chinese experts, three virologen from food was involved, including Mirko Trilling. The results of the investigation are to be submitted in the next few days to a trade magazine for assessment.

Immunitat about months or years

The students studied were all treated in the hospital and had shown light or severe symptoms, so dittmer. The formation of anti-corporary has suited to what you also know of other viral diseases, said the virologist of the German Press Agency DPA. "An anti-body response to viruses is usually caused quickly. The amount of antibodies increases only very much, reaches a high point, then falls off again and then stabilizes at a level that mostly can protect against a new infection." In the last two to three months of the six-month investigation period in the Chinese Covid-19 patients, the anti-corporate quantity remained relatively stable.

"I believe that it follows that we can at least have a time of an immunite after a through illness", Dittmer continued. This also means that vaccination conveying a long-lasting protection Connetting – unless the vaccine is capable of removing stable anti-body responses such as a Covid-19-disease. How long such an immunitat stop is still unknown. "After the current study, you have to go out at least from several months, probably rather years,." Currently, other corona virus types are discussed that immunite only a few years. But this was not yet sufficiently investigated. Dittmer stressed that so far no clear case was known worldwide, in which a generated patient was again infected with the SARS COV 2 virus. This was also talking for a persistent immune.

No lifelong protection

In the past few weeks, investigations have become known, which had evaporated the hope for long-lasting immunitat and thus a long efficacy of a possible vaccine. Thus, blood tests of the first Corona patients in Germany, which were treated at the end of January in the Munchen Clinic Schwabing, showed a significant drop in the number of so-called neutralizing antibodies in the blood in some cases.

Especially after encouraging interim results with first corona vaccines, many researchers still see the strongest artificial weapon against the disease. "The only illusion that one has to take is that a vaccine against Covid-19 for a lifetime", said Clemens Wendtner, Chief Physician of the Clinic for Infectiology in the Munchen Clinic Schwabing. "It could also be with a COVID 19 vaccine that, as in the influenza vaccine, one has to be vaccinated regularly." It is not unusual that vaccinations did not last for years, but had to be frightened regularly.

"You should see what a vaccine for us can do all", said Wendtner. In the event of the encouraging intermediate results in the vaccine search, experts expect a vaccine which can be used and approved in the broadest of the coming year. "So it is also patient and understanding for the important protective measures of each one in demand."

Chinese researchers had in the journal Nature Medicine reported that the anti-corporate after two months, especially in patients with symptom-free history, are heavily backed up, but also in terms of ill patients, the values fell. Patients with little symptoms had also developed less anti-body and thus a weaker immune response. However, symptom-free patients were not studied in the new study from Essen / Wuhan.

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