Copyright reform: artists run storm against free content snippets

Copyright reform: Artists run storm against free content snippets

A group of 576 artists appeals to politics, copyright "not play against us". Music up to 20 seconds, remixes, samples – "Everything should be freely usable, without license", Wetter the Alliance against the draft Federal Ministry of Justice on copyright reform. Above all, the intended new exceptions of the exclusive exploitation rights are "so hanbuchen European equal", that "we can only shake with the head".

For the signatories of the Our Site available to Government members and Bundestag MPs, the bands and ensembles Annenmayangerit, Antelope Gang, BeatsTeaks, the Berliner Philharmonic, the doctors, the dead pants, fine cream fish fillet and power plant. There are also musicians, Sanger and DJs like Blixa Cash, Herbert Gronemeyer, Joy Denalane, Leslie Mandoki, Paul van Dyk and Tim Bendzko.

"No reasonable temper"

"The Corona crisis hit us hard", Write the artists. All the more pain it, "that we are on the only unchecked market" the online platforms "Still no adequate speech for our works". The EU Parliament had the courage here, with the controversial copyright policy and the broad liability regime "The uneven power of power" to move a stucco far towards a new balance.

Another concern had picked up the EU politicians, emphasizes the covenant, and "The fraction violently refunded our art of art in our hands: we should not have to be able to find out more in the floods of the platforms of each video family itself, in which Z. B. Neiepechte or conspiracy theorists unquestioned the awareness of our works to use."

The musicians show up therefore "shocked", How little of this intention remained in the Ministry’s project: The Directive will be scratched, the position of creatives in negotiations. "Instead of a harmonized European market for licenses we get a German self-service store in which our works are given away to anyone who says ‘Pastiche’."


Above all, the proposed "Bagate", with the content snippets such as memes in social media are to be royalty free and free of ignition, must fall, require the authors. User rights in the field "User Generated Content" were not allowed to expand flat-rate through the backtime. The preserved notice-and-takedown procedure for the manufacturer of content should be maintained.

The fact that the legislative project is very controversial, in addition to the already published objections from other ministries, the high number of 100 opinions to the judicial department. The range of stakeholders ranges from rights owners via the association of the IT economy and initiatives such as Savetheinerternet, which have been mobile for upload filter for a long time, up to the churches. For example, the German Bishofe will be strong, but also beyond the Corona Pandemic of the Services continued to stream with a flat-rate allotment on the recovery society Gema.

Against upload filter

For the first time, their voice collect 48 social media coarse such as Pietetsmiet, Gronkh, Le Floyd, Rewi, Rezo and Tilo Jung, which, according to their own data, reach around 88 million users on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch and Tiktok. They alive the initiative "Between holders of copyrights and users of upload platforms" border, "which does not correspond to the lived practice". as "Content Creator" Be both and had "as creative and as a company of cultural economy" against the former article 13 (now 17) of the directive protested.

"We reject automated systems that survive uploads on copyright infringement, as a matter of principle", Underline the makers. These could not understand uploaded works in terms of content and are so not suitable for recognizing error-free copyright verstobe. Thus, legal content was suppressed. Expective positively assess the gumfer the "Proposed exceptions for the public reproduction of a tiny cutout" Copyrighted plants for non-commercial purposes.

User rights and copyright rights

The Federal Association of Consumer Centers (VZBV) praises that the Ministries of Justice intended actively to use the design margin of Article 17. Of course, however, that upload filters were not prevented with the present proposal. In this respect, the government promise her in the coalition agreement. That’s why it is crucial, "that the user rights are relieved". This is not a necessary Ubel, but requires that the EU specifications can be implemented in terms of fundamental rights conformity.

Wikimedia Germany also calls on the government to pay attention to the needs of users and to maintain the balance of legal permissions. Even if the Wikipedia is exempted from Article 17: Should Filter Algorithms be widely used, the entire creation process of free knowledge is sufficient on social media, forums and video portals massively. That automatic systems should check content in advance, contradict the tenor of the protective clarification of the executive.

Relocation of responsibility

In contrast to the draft discussion, the overworked paper contains no "innovative solutions" More, regrets Google. The Justice Resort Burde now service providers "Responsibility for problems within the okosystem that lie outside their control". The duty to acquire licenses for typically uploaded content is not practicable and incompatible with European law.

The advanced performance right for press publisher holds the Group for unnecessarily. Only in October 2020 he announced, journalists and press publishers on the "News Showcase" Supplies to support and pay for selected high quality items Licensing. Snippets with up to 200 characters or 30 words should definitely remain royalty-free. According to the VG Media, which represents many publishers, the draft ensures despite corrections "The business models of providers of services that use press products intensively and extensively".

Technical concerns against the in the room "Pre-flagging system" has Facebook. Pay billions of uploads with millions of files from right-hand holders in real time with complex technology, "is not possible in many cases". German users were able to pay for more extensive and frustrating waiting times when trying to post content. This was allowed to harm your right to free community.

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