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The share price of E.ON fell by 80% since 2008. In seven years, the large German energy group has lost 87 billion euros at the Borse. In the other energy dinosaurs, the development is similarly.

Unique in the company’s history: in the third quarter of 2015 alone.lost to five billion euros. The exhortable development of the old energy companies continues fast. More and more investors – state funds, churches, universities, municipalities like just the city of Munster – draw their money from fossil energy carriers.

The new Energie-Basic Law thus means: Renewable energies are becoming increasingly important – Fossil atomic energy carrier always unimportant. Germany, Europe, the world will be renewable.

In 2015, Austria produces more than 80 percent of its electricity from renewable sources – thanks to the hydropower. Germany managed four percent in the year 2.000 to 33% in 2015. Worldwide, the wind stream has been increased tenfold since 2000 and the solar power is died. An almost incredible success story. Global is already investing more money in renewable energy than in the fossil atomic.

E.On-boss Johannes Theyssen tried a year ago to save his old business model with a trick. From 2016, all old power plants – fossil and atomic – should be spun off into a new society. Only the renewable energies should be at E.stay on. Thus, the chance should result in billions of costs for the old energy carriers – for example, the disposal of the nuclear power – to be rolled onto the taxpayers. This has prevented the Federal Government with a new law. The follow-up costs remain where they have arisen. At least.

The Suddeutsche Zeitung speaks of the "Revenge of the new strategy. Thessen is now back, where he was a year ago: on the abyss. over 10.He already had to released 000 employees. The old strategists did not expect that the renewables were so rapidly and inexorably on the winning trend.

The economic advantages of the artificial ecological energy supply, according to which sun and wind do not have any bill, they could not imagine. They had and have a board in front of the sun and no wind in the sail. They never wanted to imagine that their old centralized structures are easily swung away from decentralized change.

But exactly that do now 27.000 wind turbines and the 1.4 million solar power systems in Germany – thanks to the renewable energy law. The CSU Bundestag member and chairman of the Economic Committee of the German Bundestag, Peter Ramsauer, just said at the World Conference in Jerusalem: "The energy transition is no longer to be stopped. She is irreversible."

15 years ago, almost all conservative members of the Bundestag have voted in the Bundestag against the Renewable Energy Act. Today they celebrate it as a success. Not only Peter Ramsauer in Jerusalem, but also Angela Merkel at the World Climate Conference in Paris.

17 EU states and globally about 70 have superseded the German EEG in the intention and work on an energy transition whose model is Germany. Hermann Scheer, Hans-Josef Fell and Michaele Hustedt was thank.

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