Consumption of consumption: daimler in court

Consumption of consumption: daimler in court

The automaker Daimler will respond to court due to allegedly miscarriage advertising with low exhaust values in front of the district court of Stuttgart. The German Environmental Help (DUH) had submitted an underlanging action for consumer exchange in the early year. On 20. December will be the lawsuit (AZ.: 34 O 21/16 kfh) Now negotiated, today said a court spokesman.

Environmental aid accuses Daimler to have guiled consumers with advertising for allegedly clean diesel engines of the C-Class in the wrong. Among other things, it is about the statement that nitrogen oxide emissions could be reduced by up to 90 percent by exhaust aftertreatment. A Daimler spokeswoman said: "We hold the lawsuit for unfounded. We reject the accusation of consumer expansion."

For the Mercedes model in question, the DUH had already demanded a withdrawal of the type-approval of the model in February. The state-owned office Federal Office (KBA) had not objected to the car in its coarse review in April, on the other hand,.

Environmental aid has been criticizing a long-term establishment, which in some diesel engines ensures that the exhaust aftertreatment is controlled in certain temperature ranges. She had in a legal opinion that this practice could not be explained right. A report for the exhaust gas research committee in the Bundestag was also concluded.

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