Consumer protections require further diesel summits

Consumer protections require further diesel summits

Consumer centers penetrate an early diesel summit with the auto industry. In order to advance in the fight against too high air load and impending driving bans in the city, the new federal government must come to a meeting in the first hundred days of the new federal government, said the head of the Consumer Center Bundesverband (VZBV), Klaus Muller, in Berlin. It is important to talk to the manufacturers Tacheles and enforce that technical reversal of old diesel are paid by the automakers. If this should not give up the resistance, there is also financial sanctioning possibilities.

At a first diesel summit in August 2017, manufacturers had promised new software for additional 2.8 million cars. In the core, the exhaust prere residue rate is usually increased slightly. This makes the combustion minimally worse, which reduces the temperature in the combustion chamber. As a result, the nitric oxide content in the raw exhaust drops. At the same time the consumption and the performance decreases. In addition, the EGR valve is heavily loaded, the risk of the intake of the intake tract increases. For cars with SCR-KAT, the possibility of increasing the amount of injected urea, better known as AdBlue, to increase. Thus, nitric oxide outstool even in vehicles with the exhaust standard Euro 6b further reduce.

The recess of SCR-Kats also refuses the industry with the reference to high costs. Legally, they were only allowed to have a realistic chance where a scam is impeccable legally. An acceptance of this is not enough to enforce. Because the manufacturers will argue with what right you should rebuild old diesel on their costs so that these current limits comply.

Muller made it clear that consumer protections and motorist clubs should be invited to the next diesel summit, unlike the first one. Consumer central brokers also uniform rules for practical implementation of possible driving bans. "Whether the blue, pink or turkis is, I do not care," Muller said with a look at discussions about a blue plaque. In the conversation were last two blue plaques: a light and a dark blue.

Occupation of the Heib-run debate is currently not foreseeable. The judgment of the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig has further increased prere in this matter. In a verdict, the city and municipalities were given the right to decide even on driving bans – under certain editions. So, above all, the reliability must be maintained. On the train is now the new Federal Government, which today (14. Marz 2018) should be sworn away. Ideally, after a long time, she introduces some planning security.

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