Consumer center criticizes kba

Consumer center criticizes kba

The Consumer Center of Bundesverband (VZBV) has criticized the Motorfahrstundesamt (KBA) because of a letter to 1.5 million diesel holders. The notes on exchange actions of automakers "make the uptake distance missing for industry and show no solutions for many of driving consumers attributed consumers," Moving VZBV Management Board Klaus Muller on Wednesday (7. November 2018) in Berlin.

The Flensburg authority makes "again no good figure in the exhaust scandal". Affected neutral information expected by the KBA, when it makes sense to trade his car or to wait for hardware-reusing. A hotline of the authorities to which consumers can contact their questions was long ago. An opinion of the KBA was not first.

By contrast, a spokesman for the Ministry of Transport in Berlin defended the letter: "The criticism is incomprehensible."With the KBA writing, the affected holder received the information that it is approved for a vehicle in a region, which exceeds the nitrogen dioxide annual value of 50 micrograms per cubic meter of air, and the car is not the exhaust standard Euro 6. The holders were also pointed out that the concept of the Federal Government provide additional measures in the form of conversion programs and hardware postprusts in particularly burdened regions and which possibilities gave themselves.

The KBA had the letters to a report from Mirror online According to shipment in November 2018. Those who use the conversion program, strive "an effective and mechanic contribution to the reduction of vehicle emissions and an improvement in the air quality in our city," quoted Mirror online writing. In addition, the manufacturer BMW, Daimler and VW are referenced on hotlines and Internet presses.

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