Consumer center complains against vw handler

The Federal Association of Consumer Center (VZBV) complains about a VW handler as a result of the diesel scandal and thus wants to achieve general clarity about guarantee commitments. With the lawsuit in front of the district court Bremen, for a car owner, the refund of the purchase price for his car will be enforced. The aim is a fundamental clarification, said VZBV chief Klaus Muller the dpa. It deals with the question of whether consumers be a refurbishment, "if they could be associated with confinement and the handler is not ready to stand for them". For the lawsuit, the car owner has assigned his payment entitlement to the VZBV, but gets the money.

Background is that Volkswagen has a new software as a consequence from the scandal of exhaust manipulations at 2.5 million cars in Germany. In the concrete case, the vehicle owners came back from the purchase contract after his car dealership could not guarantee him that on his car no consequent damage caused by the post-mortar offered by VW. Also a substitute vehicle was not offered.

The lawsuit should result in clarity, from when customers were able to influence customers and where there were limits of reasonable repair, the VZBV succeeded. Claim for contract backcasts could only be asserted in the handler as a seller and not directly at the manufacturer. However, the lawsuit should also check the "value" of general arances of the Group, after which the recovery does not lead to impacts of the engine.

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