Complaint council: facebook’s oversight board takes on the work

Complaint Council: Facebook's Oversight Board takes on the work

Two years after envision, the oversight board now takes its work. Independent experts should intervene in complaints if contributions were made on Facebook and Instagram. Your decision is then binding for the social network.

Three billion people are registered on Facebook. You will get access to the appeal advice in the coming weeks, Facebook writes in a blog post. In case of doubt, the social network itself can pass on trap. The Board members then decide on what matters they are laid down – based on specified criteria. The first 20 members has presented Facebook this summer. Since then, they should go through a series of training and the organization overlooks and structures have built up.

If Facebook is progressing, because a contribution is not blocked according to the guidelines, the contribution creator gets an indication and an ID. With this he can then formulate a complaint on the website of the Oversight Board, or explain the background of the contribution.

Slow journey

First of all, can only be submitted in the case where the Facebook moderators have succeeded. However, this should be designed for all forms of contributing. The first quarrels should be viewed in the coming weeks. Members’ Decisions MUST Implement Facebook Within 90 Days. So it still takes it again until the first actual results are.

If Facebook itself continues promptly, where it is clear whether you should exist, the creators also get an automatic indication that they are subject to the exam and can.

The board is financed by trust – that should also maintain the independence. Responsible for this is first Paul G. Haaga, a manager and experienced trust, writes Facebook.

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