Competition of lightweight designer

Competition of lightweight designer

Los Angeles (USA), 20. October 2010 – For several years the so-called Design Challenge is an integral part of the car show in Los Angeles. Also this year, the designers can rummage again, the winner will be at the fair, the 19. to 28. November at the US West Custage takes place, harassment.

For the first time international competition

In contrast to the previous competitions there are two changes. For the first time, not only studios from California, but also ateliers from Germany and Japan compete. In addition, this year’s task is quite a real estate. The goal is to put a 1000 American pound (LB) weighing car on the legs, the 453 kilograms are translated. The 2 + 2-seater should be comfortable and secure as well as good performance. The participants are General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Mazda, Smart, Maybach, Mercedes USA, Nissan, Toyota and Volvo.

Pramination at the press days

The winner of the this year Design Challenge will be on the 18th. November 2010 on the L.A. Auto show announced. Criteria for the assessment of the designs, in addition to compliance with a weight limit of around 700 kilograms including occupants, are an appealing optics, comfort, uniqueness of the design, driving capability, sustainability, performance and user-friendliness of the vehicle.

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