Comparison: audi q5 2.0 tdi – mercedes glc 250d

Comparison: audi q5 2.0 tdi - mercedes glc 250d

The competitors are very similar and apparently also have the same customers: at Audi Q5 and Mercedes GLC, since their market launch success models of the SUV middle class, most customers opt for a two-liter self-cord around the 200 hp. Most of the majority all-wheel drive and automatic. Further similarities: Both cars are just under 4.70 meters long, prices for a premium alternative to the family combination just affordable. Ground enough for a comparison of the two promotional opportunities.

The newer of the two competitors is the Audi Q5. That should therefore be mentioned because you can hardly look at him. Compared to its very successful transaction, there are no significant differences. The praciser edges, lines and folds fall as hardly as easy modified lighting units on front and rear as well as the curved line on the flank. Himself against the Mercedes GLC is already a bit more long in the market, significantly more successful and fantane than the procedure GLK.

As a family car both offer a coherent package, there is enough space for two adults, two children plus the upy luggage. Even if it’s going to go on vacation or the weekend, both coarse 550 liters of cargo space, which are due to transferring the backbanks to 1550 or. 1600 liters extend. An electrically tail tailgate but still costs extra, 490 euros for the Audi Q5, 535 Euro at Mercedes GLC.

Accountant equipment and halogen bulbs

At all, both models are presented from the factory in an accountant equipment, as it was not for Premium SUV in 2017 not to be possibly. Mercedes offers its at least 47.219 euros expensive GLC 250D 4MATIC actually still with halogen light. Seat heating, alarm system, navigation system or digital radio costs as well as a practical 66-liter tank. The standard model is currently 50 liters.

Unfortunately, the Audi Q5 2 sees it.0 TDI (from 46.400 euros) not much different from. Although all Q5 models consistently have 65 liters of tank capacity and offer at least xenon light, but also heating heating, alarm system or navigation in the sheer endless additional charge list.

Anyone who orders both models only with the claal minimum package pays slightly 55.000 EURO. And if it should be the countless driver assistance systems or fully electrically adjustable leather seats, then it quickly becomes more expensive. On the topic of operation and navigation, the Audi Q5 gets valuable points against the Mercedes GLC. Both acts more modern in Mexico, even if the operation in both models on the rotary prere controllers is not so intuitive to the BMW X3. Both displays refrain from a touch function.

The Mercedes sounds cold after tractor

The four-cylinder diesel of the Audi Q5 fits more baldly. He does than 2.0 TDI only 140 kW / 190 hp and a maximum torque of 400 nm from 1750 / min, but he stands the GLC 250D from Mercedes with its 150 kW / 204 hp from 2.2 liters displacement and double turbocharging in terms of taste despite 100 Nm hardly after. On the contrary: The 1.9 tonnes of heavy Audi accelerates from the stand in 7.9 seconds on Tempo 100 and creates nearly 220 km / h highest speed. In this case, the engine runs significantly vibrationary than the Mercedes diesel, which also sounds like tractor in the cold state.

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