Commerzbank finds apple-pay solution for giro accounts – with a trick

Commerzbank finds Apple-Pay solution for giro accounts - with a trick

Apple’s iPhone and Apple Watch Payment System Apple Pay is still accessible only for owners of credit and certain voucher cards – pure girocards with access directly to the bank account, as they spend most of German banks, can not be deposited so far.

Commerzbank now uses a trick to allow customers of the financial institution to pay the payment via Apple Pay, which do not have VISA nor MasterCard. It is – at least according to own information (see update) – the first bank with a solution for the widespread Girocard in connection with the contactless payment via Apple’s service.

Virtual card helps

Customers create a free "Virtual Debit MasterCard" In the banking app of Commerzbank, such as the credit institution announced on Thursday. This will then be added to the wallet – the digital card holder on iPhone and Apple Watch -. If the card is active, it can be used at almost all paying agents, which also accept Girocards.

In contrast to the use of credit cards, however, the paid amounts are booked directly on the account, as knows this from the regular girocard. Accordingly, the handling as well as the customer is used to, only that he no longer has to access the map and can use his Apple device on the contactless payment terminal.

Apple wants himself the girocard

Apple himself had a solution for the Girocard in the past year, the state-of-the-style manager and Apple-Pay boss Jennifer Bailey had not yet delivered here. In particular, the savings banks are very interested in finding a possibility to involve girocards as many of their customers use them. So far you have to access credit cards if you want to use Apple Pay.

Google has found another way for Google Pay to integrate bank accounts directly: the payment service also supports paying via PayPal, where checking accounts can be specified directly as a payment source.

Apple Pay has and again difficulties in implementing due to the very fragmented banking structure in Germany. So you can z.B. Recently Apple Pay for the Volks- und Raiffeisenbanks – after users had to wait a small eternity – but business cards (business cards) were easy "forget" and are still non-usable. Complaints of the business customers did not help so far. (With material of the DPATo)

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