Co-transfer obligations in germany and abroad

Who travels abroad with the car should not only think about the lap. In some countries, motorists have to take unusual equipment against. In Greece, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania and Serbia, for example, a firefighting must be on board. Daruber informs the ADAC. A towing rope is mandatory in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia and Serbia. In Croatia, Serbia-Montenegro and Russia Motorists have to receive a replacement lamp set.

The automotive club points out that motorists have to pay attention to the beneficial obligation when passing through a country. In Belgium, a control must also be presented in a control. However, this only applies to vehicles that have a Belgian license plate. In France, motorists had to have an alcohol test apparatus in the car until the beginning of 2013. Meanwhile, the pipe is only voluntary to the car inventory. Prescribed in the neighboring country in Germany, on the other hand, warning vest and warning triangle – as in most countries in Europe.

In Germany, motorists must also have a bandage box in cars in addition to the warning vest and warning triangle. If you are violating, become vulnerable levels. In the absence of warning triangle and warning vest, motorists must expect 15 euros per punishment. If there is no association box, threatens a warning money of 5 euros. It is important that the association box fulfills the DIN standard 13164. Among other things, a 14-piece patch set, 4 wound quick connections, fixation bind and a first aid brochure.

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