Cloud: nexus repository pro 3.30 allows storage management in azure cloud

Cloud: Nexus repository Pro 3.30 allows storage management in Azure Cloud

The company Sonatype has version 3.30 of the repository manager Nexus repository Pro. The update brings support for creating Blob Stores to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Storage with Nexus Repository Pro.

Support for Azure Blob Storage

With the introduced support for Microsoft’s Azure Blob Storage, a software that is designed for storing large quantities of unstructured data, developers receive the possibility to manage and provide critical infrastructure on the Azure Cloud. An Azure Blob Store stores blobs as objects within a Storage Account Container on Microsoft Azure. Binaries are stored for better performance and more storage flexibility as Blobs Blobs.

Over Azure Blob Storage, developer teams should receive faster access to build artifacts and components in the Nexus repository and extended cloud native memory. With Nexus Repository, the on-premise infrastructure can be scaled into the cloud – and expanding the storage capacity unlimited. Version 3.In addition, the Azure Public Cloud as well as the Azure Government Cloud is supported. The developer team behind the repository manager has also worked on the safety and possibilities for authentication via developer teams. Especially the transition of on-premise into the cloud can bring about some challenges in relation to these two aspects. Clear information about the release can be found in the post on the Sonatype blog.

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