China’s fight with freedom on the internet

Again and again Internet users are arrested from political grounds

In China, in mid-December, once again an internet user was arrested for political comments, reported in Hong Kong Inspired Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy. Kong youuping is on the 13th. December in his hometown of Anshan was arrested in the Kustenvinz Liaoning bordering at North Korea. Among other things, the factory worker, over whose age is not known, published on the internet a call in which the government was asked in Beijing to re-evaluate the exercise of the year 1989. At the time, at the Tiananmen (Square of Heavenly Peace) in the center of the capital, thousands of protesters over several weeks had demanded the democratization of society. The protests were finally crushed bloody in June 1989 and to the work of "Counterrevolutionaries "explains.

About Kong’s political backgrounds make the Hong Konger human rights activists no further information. However, the province of Liaoning belongs to the so-called Rostgurtel. Old businesses of heavy industry determine the landscape that has difficulties to assert themselves in the market economy in progress since the beginning of the 90s; Mass-related, high unemployment and sometimes monthly delay in the payment of the Lohne Prage the life of the workers, which once belated to the most important support of the KP rule. In the 2002 year of 2002, there were therefore rough workers’ demonstrations in Ansehans neighboring town of Liaoyang, whose supposed organizers were sentenced to long-term prison sentences at the beginning of this year.

Kong’s arrest is just one of dozens in the last two years. China’s young generation urges strength to the net and maker uses the Internet to make and spread his political opinion. It is sometimes differently when it is right in Beijing’s stability and dominance. A few days before Kong’s arrest in Anshan, the state pursuers reached at the slightly more north in Jilin, where she arrested Zhang Shengqi because of some online articles. In which it should have taken for the non-recognized and therefore in the hidden-operating Christian church party (in China, most churches are banned among other things because of their relationships abroad).

The paris-raised reporters without borders had repeatedly documented trap of censorship and persecution in the context of publications in the past. At the beginning of the month, the organization reported that Huang Qi, a former webmaster, reported that "Reporters without borders "had accepted, laid in isolation, after the sentenced of the group had tried to visit him in his custody in Central Chinese Nanchong (Sichuan Province). Huang has already served more than three of the five years, to which he has because of the "Attempts of the fall of the state power "had been sentenced. His offense: He had set up a page that served the search for disappeared. The author took him to have relieved the articles of dissidents living abroad on the exercise in June 1989 in the Tiananmen.

The journalist organization also reports on the Beijing government projects systematically overbooking the Internet. Already in October, the Ministry of Culture had been explored, the art is the operator of around 110.000 Internet cafes were required in the countryside to install software that supervises the surfers. In addition, one wants to give operator licenses only to coarse chains. Less than a hundred businesses, such a high official of the Internet department in the Ministry, should chat the cafes. Obviously, one hopes to simplify control by centralization.

Reporters without limits have written in the face of this development in the short-circuzed letter to 14 rough software and hardware types to ask them to think of these facts in their lucrative businesses with the People’s Republic, and in particular no monitoring software to deliver. Whether Microsoft and Co. This impresses that appears uncertain. Too much attracts the fast money in the People’s Republic, where this year still the 78 millionth net citizen is expected. It was 59.1 million before the year of annual period. The government in Beijing is eager to support the spread of the network despite the censorship accepts, not least because of the development of a modern market economy for indispensable.

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