Children under stress

Children under stress

A study shows: Kids in the metropolitan chamber increasingly with chronic diseases – and that’s not just at the city air

In the new DAK report "Children’s and youth reports", which was presented on Wednesday in the NRW state capital Dusseldorf, the offspring is in focus. The treatment data of 110 were examined.000 boys and girls from North Rhine-Westphalia. More than any fourth child in NRW, according to the results, is chronically struck, suffers from a specialized language under one "Chronic-somatic disease". Neurodermitis, asthma, hay fever, inflammatory bowel diseases are in the front.

The University of Bielefeld with her chair for health concomtion and health management has managed the project scientifically. The data of children and adolescents at the age of up to 17 years were evaluated. Crushed on the results is not only the variety "normal" Diseases such as flu or bronchitis, but also the rising number of jerking diseases (early muscle skeleton problems). Almost every sixth child comes at least once a year with a joke pain to the doctor, from the twelfth year of life take the trap clearly.

"Poverty makes sick"

The study also deals with the settlement structures and refers to socio-economic factors. Compared are the NRW kids sick ones than in the national average: in NRW, the particularly high proportion of city children is crucial. These kids also suffer frequently under caries and partly extreme overweight. Obesity, so prove the comparative figures, 88 percent more often occurs in the city than in the country.

Klaus Overdiek says about the DAK state representation NRW: "The difference between urban and land children is much gross than thought." In NRW live around three million children. Eight of ten living in city areas with more than 20.000 inhabitants. Theodor Windhorst, Prasident of the Westfalen-Lippe Medical Chamber, takes the social conditions with the magnifying glass and makes the factors responsible for education, graduation, income and occupation of the parents. His Resumee: "Poverty makes sick." There is a connection between the income and education level of the parents and the health of their children.

Children under stress

Graphic: Dak

No completely new knowledge, however: "The system has to change", WinDhorst and urgently warns more staff in the youth polery, praventive assays and more pediatricians. Concern also makes him the increasing number of closed swimming pools and missing pension offers in schools and kitas. You may be yelled: More and more lacking wellraum in the city where playgrounds fall to lucrative residential projects to the victim.

Always stressed, permanently mude?

According to the study results, psychic diseases as well as so-called "unspecific" Allergies – both problems that obviously have to do with increased stress. Many children and adolescents experience school as a stress, Madchen more than boys.

Only short-term studies to this topic complex made headlines. The research center of demographic change of Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, for example, studied the sleep behavior of children and established a connection to their health and stress sensation. Hall of the Schuler Feels Feels Folded Towots, around one-third suffers from sleeping trips.

According to these findings, the "Strongly increased screen times", Approximately by smartphone, tablet or the TV, with to the stress generators. The teenagers also spent a lot of time with mobile phone CO. Unlocked and clipped schoolers are not only increasingly under stress, but also became more accurate for injuries.

The director of the Kolner Uni-Children’s Clinic and Viceprasident of the German Society for Children’s and Youth Medicine (DGKJ), Jorg Dudsch, finds the new DAK numbers a bit high, but no doubt about the prevailing deficits: children’s clinics are surprised and it is missing On holistic therapeutic offers. "Unfortunately", so don, "Our health system is not set to the increased number of chronically ill children".

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