Change-bellows: electric scooter with change battery

Change-bellows: electric scooter with change battery

Munchen, 28. August 2012 – In the word "change battery", some spontaneously think of the BetterPlace concept, in which the batteries of electric cars are exchanged on coarse transhipment stations. The idea was to compensate for the short corridors of the electric cars, but it does not look at the moment that it is implemented in the coarse styles. Cars need batteries, which usually weigh much about 100 kilograms and are very voluminous, the change stations had to have the format and the infrastructure of small transshipment station. In addition, cars must be designed to be constructively designed for a change concept, and this also reflects together for common standards.

15 kilograms at the Henkel

The promising concept of the scooter provider Govecs works promising, whose new model go! S1.4 is offered with change battery. The 15 kilograms of heavy lithium-ion battery with about 1.5 kWh energy content is under the "Tread" housed. Its surface can be easily folded up to remove the battery at your carrying handle. So you can take them to the apartment or the Buro and charging them there. After one hour she should be recharged to 80 percent, the complete charge lasts two to three hours.

15 kilograms are not a cardboard stalk, but for short running paths acceptable. The coarse advantage of the concept is that one can buy a two-bar to implement the idea of "change battery" in the small frame. Especially for pizzaaboten or similar small businesses, this is an interesting possibility to build the modest range of 35 to 50 kilometers a little. Also beneficial is the solution for private customers who have no loading facility in front of the house or in the backyard, which is the rule in the city.

Interesting for delivery services

The Govec GO! S1.4 costs 4959 euros and thus well twice as much as a comparable scooter with conventional drive. This can hardly come in again for private individuals through the low electric price, in the commercial area the bill can look different. However, there are still the second battery to schedule, it costs gross 1655 euros. The "expected life" of the battery estimates Govecs with 50.000 kilometers, but no separate warranty is connected. An extended warranty to 48 months must be purchased separately.

A cheap pleasure is the go! S1.4 certainly not. However, like other electric scooters, the GOVECS offers an advantage that some privacy customers can be worth a high price: his torque of 54 nm drives him from the stand and he remains very quiet under all circumstances.

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