Canibalism as civilization phrases

Of the "Kannibale of Rotenburg" not only strain the imagination, but also the legal case valuation

Canibalism is a very elementary form of incorporation. Advanced civilizations are now mainly important on metaphors when it comes to having someone to eat. The Christian Supper and its unique statements were theologically declared so far that the meat of Christ transformed into a tasteless wafer, which only symbolizes a transcendent process.

The fear of strange cooking

When the civilized world certified itself formerly human progress, this often happened in the demarcation to wild, whose inhumanity was paradigmatic in the Human River. Often it was not about ethnologically secured findings of anthropophagia than self-evaporated projections, those strangers behind the seven seas all uble to.

Canibalism as civilization phrases

Ethnologists even argue about the question of whether it is apart from emergency callism etc. overpaths has ever given cannibalism. Michel de Montaigne Lieb The European self-clarification about the own perfect customs and that desential of the wider nature people are not applicable anyway. When it comes to suffering, torments, inhumanitats of all kinds, the cultural man does not stand back behind his unnotched bridal in the dark areas of the earth. It is barbaric, said Montaigne, "to graze to the deaths of a lively man than eat him dead." The Christian torture bench seemed to him worse than the cannibal cooking pot. According to rules of reasons, mossy barbarians, in the cultural comparison, we are the real barbarians.

The centuries followed on Montaigne seem to be able to achieve this rectification rather than relativize. The civilizational disgust before cannibalism suggests that not only the predominantly so humane progress of the civilization process is responsible for this, but at least as well as the defense of unconscious fantasies that have not been traceless. That the fascinosum "cannibalism" Not yet eaten, let his Prasence in the stories of Dr. Hannibal Lecter, Non-Vampire and Alien Fantasies to the Grassing Jugs and Calendar About the Canibal Cakes of Africa.

Legal gray zones

Armin M., the "Kannibale of Rotenburg", Anyway, not with the fantasies that have ever mastered him for his childhood. He found his opposition in the Berlin graduate engineer Bernd Jurgen B. and the two became merchant. The victim wanted to be eaten and the cannibale Frab him agreement.

This unprecedented deal is now the subject of a criminal proceedings in front of the district court Kassel, which first clearly makes that this offense had not had occurred. Because cannibalism per se is not punishable. So the question arises as to whether it is now totung on request (§ 216 StGB), manslaughter (§ 212 StGB) or even murder (§ 211 StGB) was. But everything that does not meet precise and so now the art of legal interpretation must be preserved because it can not be what should not be.

Canibalism as civilization phrases

According to the previous findings, the victim wanted the act, yes, the tatter still spurred to the last one. Totung on request presupposes that someone is determined by the exists and serious desire of the totete for totging. This raises the problem to what extent the will of the victim to fulfill these requirements, because mental illness or lack of intelligence are not accepted by the case-law.

It is very likely that Armin M. is convicted of manslaughter. Because this reproach is not excluded that the victim himself considers themselves, because the legal property "Life" is not dispatched. Otherwise, the criminal law standard "Killing on demand" Do not make sense as your own fact.

Or it was further a murder to satisfy the gender manner, as the prosecutor’s office based on their indictment? Of sexual motives, the tatter wants to know nothing:

Sex makes you with a partner in bed, not with a stucco meat. That has nothing to do with sexual excitement.

He could have brought him his defender. But after all, the self-turned video shows how the cannibals prior to the totung and decomposition of his victim of this "discoured" Has. The sexual connotation is not to look over and some sexual sudden moges cold to unconsciously enjoyed. Another false of the defense could also be the cannibal streak that he only "Aid for suicide" wander. But in unconsciousness of the victim – as in the present case – then this transforms "Aid" in a totung by omitting because the tatter does no help anymore.

Canibalistic idealism

The Humor Eater represents his sacrament as an idealized act, in which he went to the most far-reaching form of the possession of a friend. The actual motivation funding the cannibals as regressive ritual as morally high quality. The person of the totete he had to pay attention and honor:

I feel through this battle that the body is not thrown away, but still has a sense.

And with this bizarre sensory search, he is not too far away from the psychiatric interpretations of cannibalism. According to the theory, the essence of this deviation is just about wanting to merge with another object. Brian Masters pointed the motif of the series killer Jeffrey Dahmer in his detailed circular signs, which became the favorite relief of the media, similar:

I still believe that his primary goal was to create a sought-after object, not to destroy it, the destruction was his kind to get something of the body whose society and comfort he was looking for.

Regularly, this rare talerype comes to a multiannual imagination course of autocannibal ideas that someday turn into the obsession to consume another person.

Canibalism as civilization phrases

But the concrete events in the bloody Rotenburg obviously remained behind the imagination. The victim allegedly argued under a slaughter under torment and did not give a value to meet the desire of the dentor to get to know him closely. In addition, the cannibals defended: the victims have lied to him, it was 43 and not – as stated – 36 years old.

Scary was the act, at least as well as Grotesk. Otherwise, one can hardly remember the Laconic commentary of the Human eater that after 20 kg meat of meat during some meals, his stock was unfortunately all and he looked again to look for new victims on the internet.

Everyday cannibalism

The tatter has now begun to write his bestselling memoirs in the custody, which include further audits of it, as a psyche is driven in such ablation between moral and taste ies. Although the agreement with the victim was allowed to present a novelty in the history of human feed, the alleged uniqueness of the present case is at least in view of the bloodstone itself. Because this dark sideline of civilization is not poor in a young age not to examples of bestial ritual guards and necrophilic excesses that have a strong stereotype, always recurring behavior patterns. To the objectification, D.H. Subdiation and control of the victims, videos and photographs are a power and dominion craft, which is not finished with life and therefore devours it.

Erich Fromm talked over the "necrophilic character", who put things on the people. Social adequacy apply to us the harmless sustainers of this character, if about one of his status symbols – "my house, my car, my yacht" – for lovely hold as the people he lives with. So the tatter of Rotenburg was involved in the paradox, from "Sense of the victim" to talk, but at the same time one "Piece of meat" For him.

Canibalism as civilization phrases

Classic cannibalism is a form of rule with which our civilization can not do much, because it lies too little from the dominant. Our civilized cannibalism would probably be more likely to understand as a form of supreme social contract exploitation of people in private and public relations. The regressive belief to acquire the power, skills and characteristics of a person with its incorporation has been replaced in our times by fantasies. Immediate recovery with the other is preferably worried about identitative hungry starculse and other forms of commercial fetishism.

Finally one may generalize the cannibalism as non-consumed civilization phrases with Wilhelm Busch:

True human culture is only available if not only the people’s urging, but every meat enjoyment as cannibalism!

Busch acknowledged this knowledge of a barbarian "Cultural history", which remains unanimous until further notice, ironically until cynically with the picture history "Max and Moritz": The bose magpets are swallowed in a conventional portions to the Ganse and thus stands the cannibalistic logic of eating and eating at least for a fictional moment on the head.

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