Canal plus against nds

Further investigations on the pay-TV process arranged

Without drastic results, on Thursday, a first court date ended in the legal dispute of the two pay-TV map providers Canal Plus Technologies and NDS. Both companies now collect evidence of the main hearing. Canal Plus seems well ruptured: Some statements of your witnesses strain NDS hard.

Judge Vaughn R. Walker from the District Court North California set a period in the meeting of Thursday a period in which both companies must open their books for the occupation of the other side. Canal Plus Technologies has sued the NDS Group in Marz, because the competitor allegedly cracked the security mechanism of its own Pay TV smart cards and then launched the Internet. Canal Plus now requires a billion dollar damages from the Murdoch subsidiary NDS for losses caused by so-called pirate cards. NDS, however, has explained so far that the premieges spent every foundation (well-paid pay-TV hackers).

With the trial of Thursday, Canal Plus now tried to accelerate the process in order to achieve a preliminary borrowing against NDS soon. The reason for this hurry will be the introduction of a new smart card technology. Should not make a judgment before, this must be expected that NDS is the card again hoe, as canal plus. NDS explained on Friday, in turn, to use the exam time to investigate whether Canal Plus unlawfully use NDS technology.

Statements burden NDS hard

In order to get further evidence to obtain an injunction, Canal Plus now wants to be heard between witnesses. In addition to some senior NDS employees, among other things, the operator of the website DR7.Com and Oliver Commerging from the British Consulting company ADSR. is the website at which in Marz 1999 the analysis of Canal Plus technology has been published.

However, even more interesting for the procedure could be a testimony Oliver Commerblings. Commerging is respected as an expert in the SmartCard scene. It has become known, among other things, as a co-author of the text Design Principles for Tamper-Resistant SmartCard Processors, in which various attack techniques are described on smart card security systems. For Canal Plus, however, he has become interesting above all by his security consulting company ADSR. Kommerling worked with his company both for Canal Plus and for NDS. In a final date submitted to court, he now confirmed the Canal Plus premiere.

So Kommerling, he worked in 1996 and 1997 in Israel in the construction of the Research Department, in which then later the CANAL PLUS-SMART CARDS code should have been cracked. Among other things, he had been state-of-the-art training of the technicians there. According to Commerging, these technicians have then used their knowledge to extract the code of Canal Plus smartcards. Next it is in the text words:

"NDS technicians disassembled and analyzed the extracted machine code and then were able to examine methods to deal with the security mechanisms of the machine code."

The results of these investigations have been documented in a text to which he also had access. Father he has this text on the website DR7.COM rediscovered. Then he had been confirmed by then NDS employees that the text had been forwarded to the NDS employee Chris Tarnovsky. He launched him to the internet.

Kommerling is with its statement in a special Zwickmuhle: NDS is involved with 40 percent in his company. Other companies already explained after his statement not to work with him anymore. The NDS participation is considered under the given circumstances as a too gross risk factor. However, according to Commerging, nds has previously refused to get out of the company. Rather, it was out of the prere and explained to him that he did not do business with Canal Plus in the future.

Vivendi’s destiny is attributing to Canal Plus

The process is no longer just a few pirate smart cards, but about handproof company policy. Both companies gave in court yesterday to have found in negotiations on a company summary shortly before filing the lawsuit. But apparently Canal Plus Technologies had already prepared his action at this time already prepared in his pocket. Is now alleged because the merger failed – or failed the merger, because the action was poked?

Maybe Canal Plus Technologies also had to complain because the merger had not introduced enough money. The parent company, the Pay-TV Provider Canal Plus, which is concerning the Vivendi Group, is in a serious financial crisis. For the last year, the company had a loss of $ 439 million. On Tuesday, the Vivendi boss Jean Marie Messier then drawn the emergency brake and canal plus-Ceo Pierre Lescure without notice. But the rally will be considered an affront in France: 1.000 Employees went spontaneously for their former boss on the strain. The French broadcasting resistance csa now even superimposes Canal Plus because of this step to escape the transmission permit.

As a result, some analysts already speculated whether Vivendi Canal Plus will give up. Measuring demonstrated this immediately, but now itself his person is considered a discussion item. At the latest since the Kirch was due to premiere bankruptcy, subscription television applies Europe-wide as a risk factor. If Messier does not fail to fail with Canal Plus, he now has to have fast financial success now. A proper secure from the cash register of the competitor Murdoch came to him in this situation certainly very much (media giant Vivendi under fire).

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