Cairo in wisconsin

The rapidly swelling protest wave against a comprehensive economy program in Wisconsin was able to upload to other US states

Last Saturday, Wisconsin took place in Madison, the capital of the US state of the US state, the large demonstration since the end of the Vietnam War. To the 80.000 people gathered in front of the Capitol in Madison to protest against a Rabiates austerity program, which wants to prevail the newly chosen Republican Governor Scott Walker without any compromise readiness.

Cairo in Wisconsin

Demonstration in Madison on Saturday

The protests against this austerity package last for several days and they are increasingly gaining width and weight. Meanwhile, demonstrations in other US states will take place in which similar shortening programs should be launched.

"One World – One Pain"

Both the demonstrators in Madison, as well as prominent activists and media always take of parallels between the protests in Wisconsin and the successful uprising in Egypt. Protest participants carry posters with themselves that Governor Walker equates with the Geltted Egyptian head of state Mubarak, or who ask all US burger upright "How to go the Egyptians".

Cairo in Wisconsin

Paul Ryan, a congressman from Wisconsin, explained opposite MSNBC, it is like it as if now now "Cairo moved to Madison" have. A similar parallel also moved the Burgerreller Jesse Jackson, who "Egyptian spirit" Protests praised in Madison. Interestingly, even within the most agypal liberation movements, solidarity cessation for the demonstrators in Wisconsin take place. "Egypt Supports Wisconsin. One World – One Pain", Heiver on posters of more advisable demonstrators who also follow the words also acts: A pizza fruit service on the Unicampus in Madison has received pizza stories for the demonstrators, among others, from Egypt. More than 300 pizzas have now distributed the Pizzabackers from Madison to the protest participants.

Impressive – and similarly unexpectedly as in Egypt – this protest shaft is above all the dynamics with which it develops. At the first protest day, on Monday, the 14. February, just took 2.000 demonstrators part. On Wednesday, good 13 penetrated.000 protest participants in the Capitol to express their emport. Thursdays already found 25.000 to 30.000 demonstrators in and before the Capitol together.

Cairo in Wisconsin

The protests are carried, above all, from the unions of the public service, which are to be deprived as part of the short-term pacet of their official rights. But now a wide coalition of groups, personalities and organizations support protests that could become a focal point that could reanimate the on-site US-American left. In the meantime, even the Democrats in Wisconsin have gone on confrontation course to Governor Walker by simply remaining the vote on the legislation. The Republicans who hold a majority of 19 to 14 in the Senate of Wisconsin need at least one present Democrats in order to be a resolution.

Meanwhile, Walker even ordained police force to take off the cursive senators. One of the Democrats who stop at an unknown place explained, they are ready, if necessary too "perennial" under dive until Walker is compromise. In addition, Prasident Obama has also obtained in the disputes position and the lawser’s law as one "Attack on the unions" designated.

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