Cabinet reform in greece: legal pressure

Cabinet reform in Greece: legal prere

Greek Parliament. Image: Dennis Jarvis / CC BY-SA 2.0

A homosexual State Secretar as a signal to the left, bent still strictly right

The Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis formed his cabinet on Monday. The government-related media highlights that the new Cabinet with its 59 members with Nikos Giatromanolakis has a geoused homosexuals in the cabinet for the first time. Giatromanolaki’s appeal to the Parliamentary State Secretary for Modern Culture was in the main news of the State Transmitter ERT on Monday as "Offover of the government to the left center" rated.

The general tenor of commentators in Athens and the International Press is that Mitsotakis has apparently suited new elections for 2021 with his cabinet reform and the end of the pandemic.

Show shield for the liberalitat of the government

In Greece, the Parliamentary State Secretary pay for Cabinet. Mitsotakis removed a total of eight people and brought two to the government team. Of which he promised in the election campaign 2019 "Slim, effective team" he is now further away. For comparison: in the Federal Government numbers sixteen persons to the Federal Cabinet.

Greece has eighteen ministries. Many of them have Vizeminister, which is directly subordinate to the premier. So the country comes to a number of 24 ministers and vice-internseers. In addition, Vice Premier Panagiotis is pikrimenos. The country makes a parliamentary State Secretary in the Ministry of Digital Government, whose task "Simplification of the advances" is.

The new suspension sign for the government’s liberalitat, Nikos Giatromanolakis, created his items lavishly with their own work. Giatromanolakis in 2014 to the primers of the Liberal Party "To Potami". He was responsible for the European championship campaign 2014 and in love the party, for which he runs 2015 for the parliamentary elections, already in 2016. In August 2019, he received the newly created post of General Secretary for Modern Culture in the Ministry of Culture. With the cabinet reform he was fully upgraded. Him to reduce it to his sexual orientation alone.

Giatromanolakis is a perfectly trained political scientist. He is not the first homosexual minister in Greece, but the first one is open to this. It has had already several disadvantages due to his biography had to endure disadvantages due to his homosexualitat.

Right political alignment strengthened

Giatromanolaki’s appeal can not overlap that in the youngest cabinet education, above all, the right political orientation of NEA DIMOKRATIA was initiated. The two ministers Georgiadis and Voridis, both of the Right Populist Party Laos Zur NEA Dimokratia, are already since the beginning members of the Cabinet of Mitsotakis.

The Adonis Georgiadis stated for the economy is also Vice Chairman of the Government Party. Both, Georgiadis and Makis pre -idis, have a right-wing extremist past. At Voridis, who started his political career as an appendant of the Genturzed militarjunta in a young age, anti-Semitism premiere are added.

Unlike Georgiadis, who, in the publicly regretted, anti-Semitic Hetzliteratur, has applied personally, Demidis denies the premieges, he had been antisemit in the past; But he does not go in detail on the premieges. Preidis has been stateful so far for agricultural policy. Now he is supposed to implement as a minister of the Interior, which he had specified before the elections as a target: "to create the basics so that the left ideology does not get a fox on the earth". If it comes to new elections, pre-idea is responsible for the transaction.

Preidis replaces Takis Theodorikakos, a politician who has been responsible for the party leader for Mitsotakis since 2015 as a strategy consultant for Mitsotakis. Theodorikakos coordinated the election campaign of the NEA Dimokratia for the European and parliamentary elections 2019. He served as an example for the opening Mitsotakis to the political center. Theodorikakos began in communist youth, changed in 1991 to the Syriza transaction party Synaspismos and in 1993 for the Social Democratic Pasok. His surprising dismissal from the Cabinet took place before he could bring an already prepared Law Package in Parliament.

The ultra-right flank

Also in the Ministry of Digital Government, Mitsotakis strongly streams the ultra-right flank of his party. He called Georgios Stylos to the Parliamentary State Secretary with the responsibility for digital works and the cadastre office. Stylos in 2014, under Premier Antonis Samaras, after only two months, his post as a parliamentary State Secretary in the Ministry of Education, because he demonstrated no responsive to a parliamentary question in parliament, how close the ideas of the Neonazi Golden Morgenrote.

Parliamentary State Secretary in the Marineminium was another, for extreme deeds in the short term from the party excluded politician, Kostas Katsafados. Katsafados had grown around 17 years ago, at that time as a functionar of the student organization of the NEA Dimokratia, a meeting of the Rectorate of the University of Piraus grunted and beaten the then Rector Vasilis Benos Hospital Ripe.

Integration with integration guns?

Parliamentary State Secretarin in the Ministry of Integration is now the early government speaker of Antonis Samaras, the publisher and journalist Sofia Voultepsi. Her father, Ioannis Voultepsis, was from 1984 to 1993 press spokesman of the father of the current Premier, Konstantinos Mitsotakis. Sofia Voultepsi was conducted during the reign of Mitsotakis Senior from 1990 to 1993 under her father in his Pressburo. Father she was a member of the Supreme Supervisory History from 2000 to 2002, the ESR. The four-six-year-old, studied lawyer is now responsible for the integration of immigrants.

In view of their multiply attempted attitude towards all who do not correspond to their worldview of the Burger Greece, she appears to be the worst choice for this item. She noticed in October 2014, when the Government of Samaras the then opposition politicians of Syriza showed itself solidarically with Roma, which should be relocated: "In addition to the Roma people live". Most of the Roma living in Greece are Greek State Burger, a detail that Voultepsi likes to forget.

Voultepsi infects the detention of those who come to Greece to apply for asylum. It calls the Law to obtain the state castle of immigrants of the second generation "invitation". Flights are for you "Unarmed invaders, a weapon in the hands of the Turken".

In 2013, in Greek state television, they accused the BBC that the British station of armed agents be dependent. She did not agree with the reporting of the BBC Uber Greece. In the same broadcast, she spread a well-known anti-Semitic conscription theory and philosophized that "Rothschild controlled the international press".

Nothing of Allem is unknown Mitsotakis. He adopted the occupations for the government investment in the awareness that he can achieve its owners from the right corner.

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