Business researcher: an e-mobilitat does not lead a way over

For Claudia Kemfert from the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) leads to an intelligent road turn with electric vehicles in the center no way over. "We see the potential of electromobility as the most important gross in the climate and energy transition," explained the scientist on Thursday (14. Marz 2019) At the "Capital Conference Electromobilitat" in Berlin. The drive technology just has the "big efficiency".

Therefore, the member of the Federal Government of the Federal Government for environmental ies does not light up why Germany should not be able to tune the road turnover "engineering and innovation-driven". But she also knows that the changed change for some established actors is "very painful and difficult" and therefore "completely hindered". In this country, there is a "rough market power of the automotive companies", which the farewell from the internal combustion engine despite gross announcements of E-cars heavy trap. The revolution is rather "driven by startups and young companies".

"Any reasonable discussion is devoted"

Mythsong rejecting myths that there were problems with the raw materials for batteries and lithium mining problems or e-drives could even be environmentally harmful, "end up immediately in the press," Kemfert wondered. "Any reasonable discussion", for example, the E-Auto-Quote, Tempolimit required by the Environmental Council, and a reduction of environmentally harmful subsidies, for example, diesel fuel or kerosene, the scientific knowledge in the superficial media debates is not reflected. Come in that "we had almost a total loss in the traffic policy in the last two decades".

"We just have no time more," the scientist warned to catch up in the light of the need to limit the earth temperature and to achieve the agreed climate protection goals. The transport sector is a rough problem here, "because emissions go upwards". Therefore, it can not go on as far as so far with the strategy, only "a bit of water in the wine" to drip.

Reduce unnecessary traffic

"The city’s are full standing tools needing a parking space," filed the expert. It applies to reduce unnecessary traffic and to optimize, to optimize, optimize, to optimize, optimize. The technology Konne also helps to compensate for fluctuations in the renewable energy in the center and to be intelligently coupled to memory options. Energy efficiency for cars games a subordinate role, especially nothing, "if the vehicles are always gross and heavier".

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