Bush has made a decision to research with embryonic stem cells

After a long time, a compromise was concluded, which should make it all right and will not be satisfied

For a long time, US prasident has needed for one of his difficulties so far. The result is not the prohibition of the demand for research with embryonic stem cells, but a compromise, as this corresponds to the policy style of the generation of the chamaleon politicians oriented to surveys.

"Eight years ago, scientists believed that research with fashion tie could open rough hopes for treatments and medicines, but the progress has not yet been necessary to fulfill the original expectations. Research with embryonic stem cells openly affect gross promises and rough dangers. Therefore, I decide that we have to go out with rough caution."

Bush – abortion opponents and death transfers – wants to restrict the research financed with public funds to 60 cell lines, which have already been created from embryonic stem cells, as here "the decision on life and death has already been made". On the one hand, one can promote promising research and did not work on the other hand "A fundamental moral border" exceed. The research that works with stem cells of adults, animals or from the umbilical cord. An ethics council is to be used, which determines the research controlled and establish guidelines.

For safety’s sake, the American Prasident had announced his decision on vacation. Hardly someone was allowed to be really satisfied, even if Bush in his speech he thought he had been thinking for a long time – and prayed. If one does not go far enough for the opening, it is already exceeded for the others of the controversial rubicon in this country. Unlike Germany, in which in principle is discussed via prohibition or in succession, in the US so far, at least only the demand of research with tax funds. Privately funded research on embryonic stem cells is allowed.

As in this country, the moral experts and politicians about the stem cell question and other biopolitan ies come into philosophizing, it is allegedly also to the American Prasident, who tries to make his decision on the position of "most" Cooking scientists who carry out the research with embryonic stem cells for therapeutic purposes. The US had so bush not only to show many successes that the world has happened to the progress of science and medicine to improve human life, but here were also the highest ethical mabs of research were observed. Whether that will convince the moral fundamentalists, it seems very questionable, especially since the biotechnological advances can be made to make it again from the scientists Bose and conscientious Frankenstein, which must be kept in bridles by other moral experts.

Bush said in his speech that he was repeatedly took on two fundamental questions at the moral decision: "First, these frozen embryos are human life and therefore valuable that they have to be protected? And secondly, if they are not destroyed anyway, to be well used for a coarse, for research that has the potential to save and improve other life?" These are questions "About the beginning of life and the meaning of science". The decision between the attention of every life and science that can help life then, given the non-secured prospects of research, to the compromise to demand research with the allegedly already existing 60 cell lines.

It is closed as well as Bush comes to this number. It is suspected that there is much less. The restrictions could also be enormously enormously at 60, even if they love to multiply, as Bush said. At least genetically, the variety is not very rough. The work with them could also be very engraved by a variety of patents. Sean Tipton, the speaker for the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, criticized that after scientific literature only six documented cell lines. Overall, it may be 15 in the US: "The Prasident seems to have other information about the number of stem cell lines than the best informed scientists and medical experts. We fear that this is an indication of the type of information received by the prasident." But Bush wanted to make his decision softer and make the creation of other cell lines?

The position of Bush is by no means the end of the debate. The decision is fell in congress. Bush still rejects the cloning – and sees himself covered by the attitude of most Americans. But already this decision enters the ethical in its undeciation "Minefield", The Bush had attested the progress of biotechnology. The decision on life and death of artically fertilized embryos will also be made daily in the future, so that research after the moral conclusion of Bush continues to provide a variety of non-used embryos per hour. However, the compromise shows that the policy will hardly be able to make decisions about moral ies if their only morality is only in an adjustment to the prevailing positions and no longer represents.

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