“Buddha massacre” revised

Reborn in pixels

The Taliban regime’s cummer-puristic delusion crushed not only the became of women and girls, but also certain thick, cozy grinning manner – at least their pictorial representatives. "No Living Objects": A good year ago, BuddhaStuen, which came from the third and fold century, were victims of a cultural radical demonstration in North Afghan Bamiyan.

Photo: Reuters

The iconoclastic zeal of the Mohammedan has a long tradition, which is about 11. Century Solar Temple Shivas in Somnath Just as Mitriss as in 16.Century the pilgrim center "Puri" the Hindus. (Sehmebomben and Grenaden on Buddha). Two styles taken in the rock were it, 38 and 53 meters high, which in Bamiyan fell victim to the Sacralvandalism of the Taliban, as described by the UN General Assembly, "not revealing loss for all humanity", The FAZ even spoke of one "massacre" (Of course, if the destruction of the destruction of the destruction of the Catholic Konigreiche, which raised the destruction of the Catholic Konigreich, who held herself bloodfrilly, which disfigured their picture and faithful world).

Now the Buddha should be born reborn, an exercise that was allowed to fall as a representative of the incarnation gauge slightly. But we were not in the age of photos flood and a growing visibility impaired if they did not have to look like pixels for pixels like earlier. Basics for the project are photogrammetric mixing photographs of statues from 1970, which are prepared by the ETH Zurich Digital. Professor Max Grun will then put its 3-D models into the grid in a few months, six meters high models of Buddha statues should finally provide the necessary information so that the original statues can be reconstructed in Afghanistan. Behind the action is the Bubendorfer Afghanistan Museum in Switzerland and a Swiss entrepreneur who identifies his organization which identifies the new seven wonders and incidentally had the slightly grating idea, to re-elect the seven wonders of the world by the Internet (almost six million votes from more than 200 Lermists are allegedly already entered, the Taj Mahal lies in front).

The Bubendorfer Museum-"Oberbube" Paul Bucherer estimates the cost of the complete rebirth company to 30 to 50 million francs and emphasizes that the Afghan population is interested in a natural reconstruction (also called an internet vote here?) Support a long star in mainstream media "Imagination", According to any media image, according to the invention and staging, these Buddha decals have probably found their right place more in Disneyland. So also the UNESCO, her first task was to protect and not rebuild. And Wired cited the head of the Art Gallery of New South Wales:

If you are such works of art whose true gross and prasence is at your age, so directly and physically newly forms, is the pure theater, Blober Circus

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