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Brother Sensenmann

The apocalyptic rider "death"

THQS "Darksiders II" for PS3, Xbox360 and PC

With "Darksiders" Two years ago, THQ published an interesting and good action adventure, the significant shares of Nintendos "Zelda" and Sony’s "God of was" contained. The successor "Darksiders II" Rounds the recipe still with a pinch of ubisoft "Prince of Persia" and brings numerous new elements.

The apocalyptic rider "war" In the first Darksiders in the conflict between heaven and help. Despite his honorable intention, he throws him the ommayer "Fiery advice" pretending that he has prematurely the Apocalypse.

His brother "death" believes in a powerful consoration and makes it the task of restoring the honor and opposite the destroyer. Darksiders II begins with this scenario.

THQS game attacks various predominantly biblical myths and thus creates its own fantasy universe similar as the "God of was"-Row from the Greek sanguard. Sony’s game, as well as Capcoms Devil May Cry undoubtedly to the role models that developer studio Vigil Games when creating the first "Darksiders" would have. The combat system was similar and even the chests followed the same principle of color labeling, in which, for example, Grune boxes refuel the life energy.

Another mental ancestor is the "Zelda"-line. The structure of the dungeons and the puzzles contained therein are reminiscent of Nintendos Action Adventures. With the helpful artifacts shimmered in the first "Darksiders" The original overall: The rider usually finds a card per dungeon, a key for the room of the boss opponent and an artifact that indicates the tract of the area.

Despite the significant bonds, Vigil Games created with "Darksiders" A defensive game that had an interesting setting, good struggle and interesting dungeons.

"Darksiders II" If the basic game principle of the process is retained, but uses the new protagonists for a few amendments. The rider "war" was true to his name a strong camphor, who places the opponers with his powerful sword and flocks enemy attacks in doubt. "death" is significantly more agile and fights as a sense man especially with the typical harvest tools. He does not block enemy attacks, but deviates them.

He is a good climber. Similar to the protagonist in Ubisoft "Prince-of-Persia"-Titles (cf.: The Krummschword Akrobat Throws narrow by wallpaper and climbing your protruding bars and protrusions.

The climbing parts are not as river as in the role model, as the passages are usually relatively short and ancadembled and the control is not quite as good of the hand or occasionally reacts something. Nevertheless, the new element brings a fresh dynamic that is clearly considered the aircraft floating passages of the process.

Brother Sensenmann

One of the creators

Spends a coarse part of the time "death" as at the time "war" in dungeons. Remains from the structure "Darksiders II" So that the Zelda games similarly. The Augenwelt is usually the home of the handlers and clients. The central quests drove "death" through the events first to the creators, the masters of the chopping are, then into the realm of the dead and finally to the angels and Damons. In addition, there are Sidquests, which are rewarded by the clients with experience points and occasionally with exclusive objects.

The equipment plays a rough role and is much more versatile than in the process. "death" collects various weapons and reducing parts. In addition to the needed experience level, each item has a rarity value that is similar as in Blizzards "Diablo"-Play (cf.: Teufish expectations) colored. Qualify "Darksiders II" possessed weapons, which the player can upgrade through the victims of other objects. "death" Conquered by some bosses unique items and thus uses the poison of poisoning a giant snake as a secondary weapon.

Various attributes influence role-playing typical strugs and most of the equipment thickenses several of them. A shoulder butt can certainly increase the magic power or a sense of defense. The player decides whether he rather sets a higher rating value, more strong, elementary attack bonuses or a balanced distribution. Some objects increase the collected experience or gold found in addition, others drove the hero to a part of the shared damage as a life energy.

Brother Sensenmann

Has for flying opponents "death" A pistol in the halter

That the protagonist of an action game similarly collects experience points as in role games and rises over various levels, is now almost standard. Receiving a new level "death" Skill points whose use of the players are relatively free. The skills are divided into the two groups necromant and deaths. The latter usually boost the hero directly, during the former setting on guidelines Undead helper, which confront the opponent. The player may combine the two directions, but higher skills would first require the acquisition of basic skills.

At least as important as the struggle are the puzzles in the individual dungeons. Here THQS game highlights clearly from other action titles. Explore and loose the tasks is more demanding than in the process. Even if the reference to the "Zelda"-Title is less clear than in the process, the basic principle shines clearly. This also belongs that "death" Over time, important key objects, which he has to use for the loose of the puzzles. Relatively soon, he learns the death grip with which he absorbs distant object or swinging on hooks over a crimson.

Brother Sensenmann

The death grip reaches distant goals

One of the most interesting items is the soul divider, with which the protagonist in the beings inherent in him "Life" and "death" split. So he is at two places at the same time and, for example, serves the elevator on which the other stands.

The voidwalker used in the first part recalls Valves Portal: "death" Offeted two goals by which he teleports himself or objects and visually visually visits unreachable jobs. However, the German with the unsaved word is "Empty" Described item on pre-drawn blue goals.

In the later course, the protagonist is allowed to activate green goals, which did not drive him through the room, but by the time. For example, he will overweise a break crowded in the present by a journey into the past, in which still all stones are at their burst.

The later dungeons combine all the possibilities for puzzles, which is much more demanding than in the process or the "God-of-War"-Play. The attentive look at the environment is already worthwhile from the beginning. Some boxes or bonuses are not available on the first visit, there "death" is not yet in possession of the needed object.

Graphic "Darksiders II" a mixed impression. In many cases, the environment and the figures look pretty rough. In part, that is certainly the artistic style of being owed, which has its own charm with relatively angular figures in the comic look.

The atmosphere design is consistently successful: "death" Traveling through Dustere’s Lover and Fiery Hollow. In the fight, the game remains flowing in many opponents. Some open areas such as Engelhochburg, on the other hand, bring the game even in quiet passages to stutter.

The soundtrack has succeeded in doing a little more musical variety in some places. The sound effects are very good and often create a threatening atmosphere if, for example, the approaching boss enchanted by uncanny sound.

Unfortunately, the action convinces little. This is a pity because the individual characters and areas are attractive. Also the start is promising. The entire voltage sheet therefore destroys the more. In the course, the player comes a little like Karl Valentin "Bookbinder Wanninger" before, who is sent by a client to the next time and has the unfavorable feelings not to come closer to his goal.

Brother Sensenmann

One of the more interesting boss struggles

The joy also affects some smaller bugs that can hinder the game flow – albeit non-sustainable. For example, when testing on the PS3, a lamp whose seems to open a ture, only after finishing and rebooting to the right statue. On a map were already at the first place all places for "Fast Travel" unlocked, a comfort function that "death" Directly – actually visited before – places leads.

More important, however, is the entire game spab. Convinced "Darksiders II" with lots of variety and is a more than a gold successor to the first part. His strong is in combination of hack-and-slay with a successful combat system and interesting dungeons. The bosses could be a little more demanding, for that, the puzzles have succeeded and increase the difficulty in the right mabe via the playing time. The equipment system and the skills bring in role-playing elements into a pleasant way to the action without becoming complex. Vigil Games use many components of other games and jointed a very good action adventure, which is significantly more than the sum of the individual elements. With a little more finishing in detail and a gripping story "Darksiders II" That stuff had a cult game. ()

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