Bring the harvest: the farmville must shut up

Bring the harvest: The Farmville must shut up

Farmville is set: on 31. December is over. The reason for this is from Flash. Or no, maybe it’s just the end of a past ara already. At that time, as a Facebook not yet enemy, but friend was. When the addiction of the game was founded with SPAB.

Grow rice, eat rice, fruit, vegetables, everything needed his time and had to be obtained in good time in a short slot, as it else it. Now you could plan smart and the harvest Times, select varieties that lasted long or those who were already ripe shortly thereafter. In any case, it pulled a steadily in the game. Some addict should have just asked alarm clock. What do my kurbisse do? And when there are craves, how does the autumn decoration look like?

A lot of frills for even more spab

In addition to the cultivation, the true sense of the game, the many goodies were, because of which one could spend more time on his virtual farm. The most seclear and biggest should it be spent too. To Halloween there were the tops with carved grods, Christmas tons of fairy lights and balls, Easter, clear, easter eggs. The makers did not let lumps with fringer, which you could buy in the game with his deserved crotch. Optionally implemented with real money. One knows these mechanisms that do not let go of, now only too good.

The possibility to show on Facebook, which has been used for thick eggs, was equally integrated in the game. Parts with your friends with that you have expanded your farm. Look, I’ve chipped exotic fruits. Show your farmdollar account balance. Competition also revives the farming business. Invite your friends to the game and you will be rewarded – the friends, however, annoyed with spam.

Tschus Flash, Hello Farmville

And while Farmville had 80 million users in his sparkling times, they are today, yes, there are still players at all? Eleven years Farmville are enough. You could thank the Support End of Flash, then Farmville, thank. Is it much more meaningful to dig up his time with Animal Crossing. Or still chase the pokemon. But stop, manufacturer Zynga has released Farmville 2 as a app. On the success of then, these can not touch, Zynga had to fight in the meantime with deep red numbers, but came out again thanks to new games. Farmville is dead, long live farmville? No, this sack of rice is really falling all.

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