Brexit: strikes, new unions, self-organization

Brexit: strikes, new unions, self-organization

The unwritten history – Part 2

What remained unhessed in the prevailing, in-line Brexit reporting, but the supposed "anti-Semitism" The left Labor Chairman Corbyn was highly played: For a decade, many unions regenerates new forms of self-organization.

In new areas of precarious and digitally organized work, where traditional unions are hardly prasent, numerous small, combatant unions and initiatives form. They participate in membership partially new, with more women and migrants.

Part 1: Pioneer of Legal Development in Europe: Anyone who financed Brexit, ied as a class cheaper and the late revenge on the welfare state. Brexit: The unwritten story

Students: Actions against Studies

The working class was also tempted by the exclusion from the high education. The Tory government introduced in 2010 according to the model of her elite universities in Cambridge and Oxford – there also studied Cameron, May and Johnson – students for all universities.

On the other hand, a nationwide protest movement of students developed over many months. Many ten thousand demonstrated repeatedly by London. In all university dates, it was demonstrated and occupied. Also the Buros of the Tory Party in London were occupied. The government loves repeatedly on the students again and again. The protests attracted two years. Smoothly. A spontaneous, although mass-worried upwards are not enough as a resistance. The expansion of the new class society in all areas is merciless.

Studying the cheap social and humanities costs from 11.500 euros a year, which goes up to expensive medical studies with 38.000 EURO. To do this, the costs for residential seat and other life exercises from 12.000 Euro a year, in London still much more (How Much Does It Cost to Study in the UK?To). Not only the working class is excluded. Also required to preserve the capitalist society Middle Class You can not send your children to study for studying, or you have to be faulted and quickly learn what to memorize for the exams.

Several unions successfully against outsources

It is different with professional resistance. Achievements are possible, even if these are smaller dimensions. For the directly affected, it is about much.

Labor and Tory governments had the outsourcing of services – cleaning, security, transportation, Buro – advanced from public administration, from ministries, universities, hospitals. In contrast, for example, 2012 was the new union Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB). Above all, it represents migrant worked, including in the areas of care, bicycle curiers and gig economy. She also organizes language courses and training.

For the first time, from 2018 for strikes against outsources had several unions together, so with the IWGB also the United Workers of the World (UVW) and the ALTER PUBLIC AND COMMERCIAL SERVICES Union (PCS). According to punctual strikes, blockages, occupations and months of negotiations, a thousand caretaker, canteen and cleaning faith in the London healthcare company Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust with its FUNF hospitals, that they were hired directly and firmly – the first time that through a working campaign a outsourcing of this ejection has been added. Lohne and working conditions were adjusted to the permanent employees.

UVW coagulant Petros Eliay pointed out: The fight was also the advantage of patients! In the outsourcing of services has shown: infections spread much faster!1 similar achieved the IWGB in the University of London, also supported by UniversitatSpersonal2 and the PCs in the Ministry of Justice and the Counselable Tax Agency.3

As early as 2006, the London School of Oriental and African Studies Sosa’s Saas had out stored purification Justice for Cleaners teamed up. Step-by-gradually joined the areas of catering, caretaker, reception, catering, repairs, security, postal services. In 2018, you achieve your goal through strikes and other actions: the assignment with the commissioned subcontractors were charged. The employees were equated with the permanent employees, with pay, payment of holiday and illness days, pension. The initiative called for: Justice for Workers. She is now also active in other institutions and companies.4

"Headless chicken are eaten"

Others start at the bottom and completely from the beginning, so the Angry Workers of the World. You write:

"A lot of people are desperate – they hope for a better world for a better world, but they feel insulated and uncertain where to start starting …

* We can not start where we are just sitting, we have to move our ass. We are a few first. We go where Working Class People meet, daily. Where many workplaces are, this is central, neighborhoods are also important.

* Grave you, take a job and learn. Or go to new places and ask yourself. Discover how other people organize – and also why they do not do it! Help to build up structures. Our initiative solnet is already started. We meet weekly, with McDonalds, in an Indian tea house, in 24-hour Asda Cafe. Make small groups at work.

* And keep it all in a publication for the area – that’s important! Become a mirror of the class, help close up. Forget twitter. Create Yourself Working Class Papers. Write the small stories of resistance in the packaging department.

* Give workplace reports. Look around: Where are companies fused, where conflicts are playing away?

* We need this root process. Headless chicken are eaten.

Gig worker organize – but with Soros’ help

Platform corporations of the GIG Economy – Essenstern suppliers such as Deliveroo, Foodora, Ubereats, Taxi Services such as Lyft, Grab, Over – Mediating Apps Supplies between customers and exporting. The corporations see themselves as pure placement services. The employees are not employed and bring themselves their own breadrades, cars and other utensils with themselves. Many times working on call, paid per delivery, unpaid waiting times, no insurance. But against these mies paid spot self-sufficiency has been racing a variety of resistance since 2015.

In England, bicycle curiers went to court and complained as a regular employee. That did not use anything, because they were not hired after that. In 2016, 200 couriers (Rider) in London began a wild strike, supported by the IWGB, drawing through the changeover from the hourly wage on stucco. The strike was successful: Juvening to the hourly wage and a pound of Pramie additional per delivery.

Similar swing in court, strikes, demonstrations of riders followed, partly according to English model, in Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany. Some ex-riders have now founded their own cooperatives with permanent employment, so Mensakas in the Spanish Barcelona. Of course, the fixed income is low.5 Deliveroo Co master the market with its coarse investors.

Soros / Open Society Foundation organize the new working class

It’s about many millions of gig workers in the EU and around the globe. The departure in the bicycle curtors has developed in recent years even under seems-selfy drivers at the taxicone countries over, Lyft, Grab and Bolt.

So the IWGB called for the 29./ 30. January 2020 An International Conference to London. Organizer Nicole Moore explained from the Rideshare Drivers United (RDU) from the USA:

We are all the exploitation delivered by the multinational corporations such as Uber. You dock billion gains by taking work rights and we fight with the poverty to our survival. Global exploitation requires a global strategy of resistance, and that’s exactly what we want with our conference.


That there is a politically important movement in progress, the prevailing class has understood. She has been globally intensely intensively looking for initiatives that are compatible with the present capitalism and renew him friendly: keyword "environment". For this purpose, the Open Society Foundation of the US Hedge Fund-Speculative George Soros recently also the FAIR WORK initiative department. Their director welcomes the conference: there should be there "Strategies for new forms of global collective action" to be discussed.6

Some million are ready for this: initiatives from 23 countries were invited, from all continents, from the United Kingdom, France as well as from Australia, Bangladesh, India, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, from the USA and Canada, from Panama, Argentina, Brazil , Chile, Costa Rica, Uruguay, from Sudafrika, Kenya and Nigeria.

Soros and its foundations, the organizers of extreme capitalist individualism, who have already inflated some state as last Ukraine for Western capital and militar, now organize the new collective of the new working class. They try it.

Last book publication by Werner Rugemer: The capitalists of the 21. Century. Common demolition to the rise of new financial actors. 2. Edition with current preface, Koln 2020, 360 pages, 19.90 euros. (The Capitalists of the 21st Century. At Easy-to-Understand Outline On the Rise of the New Financial Players. Tredition Publishers, Hardcover, Paperback, eBook).

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