Breakthrough in the production of organs?

Japanese scientists could grow eyes from frog stem cells

Japanese scientists from the Institute of Medical Sciences on the University of Tokyo have apparently managed how BBC News reports to grow from stem cells of froschen eyes and ears. The commodity is an important step in view of the possibility of being able to generate human organs in the future as well as to generate transplant by cloning cells of the patient.

Experiments also with human stem cells, which in contrary to normal cells have the potential to develop into any kind of body cells, have already been carried out at the end of 98. Scientists from the USA could divide in experiments with different approaches stem cells in the test tube. The magazine Science had designated the cultivation of stem cells with regard to the production of certain ties and organs as the most important scientific breakthrough of 1999. From removed body cells of humans can previously only produce skin cells for transplantation. At the University of Bonn, stem cells of rat embryos with growth factors were tied to two different nerve cells and then planted in brains of rats born with damaged nerve cells without myelin, where they started to carry out recovery processes.

The Japanese scientific team for Makoto Asashima withdrawals from frogmbryos stem cells and could steer the development of stem cells under the action of retinoic acid. According to Asashima, the concentration of acid controls the differentiation of the cells. Thus, a lower concentration of the solution in which the stem cells grow to eye cells and a high concentration to the cell ties of ears drove. Allegedly this is the first time that eyes or ears of an animal have been produced in a test tube.

Previously, the scientists want to have been able to grow with a similar procedure to grow livers of fros. These have been implanted in Frosche, who survived one month. So far, the research results were not published in a scientific publication.

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