Bose, because you did not want to be bose too?

Bose, because you did not want to be Bose?

"Evil Google" Logoparody from the 4chan forum

The new YouTube censorship scores Google’s image problem

Google has sparked the censorship on his video platform Youtube: Videos that as "controversial" be classified, can now no longer be embedded and liked. In addition they become "demonetized" – That’s what you do not have a promotional revenue share that was allowed to have been considered considerable in popular producers such as Sargon of Akkad or Diamond and Silk in view of the call numbers. As a controversy Google, among other things, contribute to the long-term Republican Congressman and Prasident Confeer Ron Paul, which criticizes the US policy in Afghanistan and Vikileaks. Contribution to scientific topics can also be affected if they deal with the biological basics of human intelligence.

The maaking has improved in social media, which has been in great extent since the Along James Damores (cf. Monopolies and freedom of expression). Now, among other things, from the moral philosopher Peter Singer and the former Google employees defended by the New York Times, emphasizes in interviews again and again that he is not "Diversitat" as a corporate goal criticized, but one "Intolerance against ideas and facts that do not fit into a specific ideology". Such a handling of freedom of freedom of workers has a problematic dealings with their own freedom of expression fired. The psychologist Jordan B. Peterson after users do not even remember that if you have such a handling of shared in infrastructures.

Weekly a mail over alleged "Microggression"

Since then, the Group has the slogan "Do not be Evil" Antrat, an image problem, not only in widely used logoparodes from 4Chan Aubert: Many users try out the competition search engine Duckduckgo and discover how much Google in the past preferred to intellectual prere of the content industry preferred.

The trail of ideology to which Damore refers to the name of the name "Intersectionalists", SJWS" or "Snowflakes". Among other things, you have the idea that one of your view "good thing" also justifies the use of problematic means. Another license plate is that you are rather as unsuitably rejected accusation concept of serious social scientists and psychologists like Scott Lilienfeld "Microggression" similarly use excessive like that with grab descriptions like "despite science" or "totististic" during the slanský show processes happened. According to Damore, Google employees weekly receive a mail alleged "Microggression" sent, in which then, for example, they can suggest that they suggested a product with a young woman.

Mass hysteria

Another feature is the excessive use of the Nazi reproach (see. Inflationary used write-up), which reminds the Wall Street Journal to the Red Scares for the two world wars. Other observers draw comparisons on witch hunt in Salem 1692 or to the satanist hystery in early 1990s. The Texan couple cellar that was sentenced to 21 years of prison due to false ritual abuse occurrences at the age of 21 years, a US court on 22 August took a dechipement in a high level of $ 3.4 million.

How such mass hysteria arise is the subject of discussions and research. It is clear that they are often associated with a cooperation of state and private actors. In this way, both sides can have responsibility of themselves.

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