Bmw is criticized for too low co2 saving

BMW is criticized for too low CO2 saving

BMW boss Oliver Zipse has a strong reduction of the CO2 outboat of his company. By 2030, more than 200 million tonnes were avoided compared to the values of 2019, he said at the Annual General Meeting. The outset of the vehicles during use is included. From activists and shareholder representatives BMW got to Horen that the Group is too slow on electromobility.

Janne Werning by Union Investment criticized: "A semi-hearted commitment to the electromobility is not enough in the current electro-hype to be successful on the Borse." Daniela Bergdolt from the German Protection Association for Securities Owner asked: "They gives themselves surrendered muohen, now to direct all concentrations on the drive, but do not want to make BMW to pure electric car manufacturers. This strategy is not a bit too half-hearted?"

Criticism of the youth

Significantly hard was the criticism of a covenant of activists, which also demonstrated in front of the corporate headquarters in Munchen. BMW put on cars, "which are too rough, too heavy and too environmentally harmful, especially on monster SUVs nobody really needs", said Julia Dade of the Youth Organization of the Nature Conservation Association Federation. The activists also demand a shortening of the dividend: the money should instead "to be put into the transformation of the Group and the qualification of employees", said Jens Hilgenberg from the umbrella organization of critical actions.

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