Behind the scenes: the business of art consultants

they call themselves Art consultant, Kind of advisor or Art Consultant – With the boom at the international art market, a new industry also appeared. The prominent Dusseldorfer Kunstberater Helge Achenbach, who has been sitting in custodial due to fraud, and whose shares in the prestigious Rhine gold collection has reduced the judiciary, the lucrative business already operates decades. He even feared to invented the profession of art consultant in Germany.

Behind the scenes: the business of art consultants

Helge Achenbach

The special feature of Achenbach is that he is closely wired with the actors of the art world and with well-known artists such as the photographer Andreas Gursky, or the painters Gerhard Richter or Gunther Uecker cares friendly relationships. "I arrived at one point after 40 years, where I have the feeling: great, I feel well", Did the studied social accounted studied in the Duseldorfer Arts scene had said two years ago in a dpa interview two years ago.

While a powerful art consultant industry has established itself in the US, the circle of professional art advisors in Germany is quite small. The 62-year Achenbach, the banks, insurance companies, companies, but also rich private individuals are supported when buying art and construction of collections, previously considered a professional consultant with a good godfather for value increases.

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