Behind the moon

Grununen should think their attitude for space travel

The activists of the anti-AKW movement still served in the seventies of auberertal tools. In her presentation on the dangers of nuclear energy they showed pictures of the globe, taken from Apollo astronauts, to clarify what it was about: We want to save this planet. The view of Aufen on our cosmic homeland has the awareness of their limitations and sustainability as well as sustainable, as no other medium had liked. In this respect, the manned space travel is one of the birth salmon of the Grunen.

The International Space Station. Image: nasa

Today, however, the environmental party wants to know nothing more about their space roots. So it was also their direct candidate Krista Sager, who the before the last general election on Candidate Watch.asked question for support for manned missions to moon and Mars as the only one with a no after all answered clearly. The candidates of other parties, on the other hand, gave only the full level of Larifari: if there is workplaces and so on.

Sager is not alone with their attitude. Also the research policy spokeswoman of the Grunen, Priska Hinz, for the last Ministerial Council of the European Space Organization ESA, demanded a waiver of manned space travel. Space research should only be used there, where it is cost-effective than other approaches.

The vehement rejection of the technology, which owes the great people to their own existence, may have to do with the fact that the land of the party, which still have many threads still today, are represented by the most severe generation conflict for a longest generation conflict. Maybe you have internalized the settling from the parent generation so much that it has become a constant in your worldview?

Psychological factors, such as the fear of boundlessness of the alls or lack of ground liability in weightlessness, play in the debate about the for and inception space travel anyway, if they are rarely addressed. Instead, supposedly rational arguments are brought into play. So Krista Sagers refers to the grunes of their "accents in the research policy explicitly focused on the sustainability goal". But then it is all the more surprising that they are so shy after the departure into space. Because hardly another company must pay attention to sustainability as the colonization of the universe.

For the British microbiologists Charles S. Cockell by the Open University in Milton Keynes are the connections between environmental protection and space travel even "so close that one could argue, environmental protection and colonization of the universe are indeed one and the same goal – the creation of sustainable human communities in the cosmos, be on earth or on any other planet or moon."In his currently published book" Space On Earth – Saving Our World By Seeking Others "(MacMillan), Cockell brings a FULLE of documents for this thesis and plads energetic for a merger of the previously marching movements.

Behind the moon

Crater de Gasparis. Photo: ESA / SPACE X

In space, environmental ies face much radical

Astrobiologists, according to Cockell, are very interested in the protection of bioreservates such as the Antarctic, the Yellowstone National Park or the oceans. Because the examination of microorganisms that exist under extreme conditions such as cold, heat or completely darkness brings valuable findings for the search for life on other sky bearings. Conversely, environmental protection generally use the data of remote sensitivity and navigation satellites. Climate researchers compare earthly climate data with those of other planets, such as Venus, where the effects of an extreme greenhouse effect can be screened vividly.

Really exciting but it becomes only if people break into other worlds instead of unmanned spatial probes or permanently set up in free-floating room stations. Because they have no choice up there: they have to live sustainably, much more comprehensive and more radical than it requires hardcore oko freaks for the earth. Cosmonauts who are traveling to Mars for several months or years can not take the advice required for this required, they have to recreate. Also permanent stations on the moon and Mars are growing over a wide range of closed fabric cycles, which disassemble all over the residents of the inhabitants as well as all the floating waste and generate breathing air, water, food and other useful products from it. Earth away from the earth is no environmental activity, but simple survival necessity. Because art derogation love is just too truly astronomical transport costs from the earth.

For many people, the manned space travel is still represented by the Apollo missions of the sixties and seventies. The race to the moon, this gigantic muscle game of the super maid has not only left pleasant memories. Rockets and spacecapsules have since been used for technological gravity and are more likely to be perceived as a threat to the planet already photographed, less than tools for his protection. But Apollo was a unique force at which humanity stumbles into space age. If so, when people return to the moon, they will do it in well-behaved steps, guided by the outset from the intention to stay this time.

With an escape from earthly problems, how often ames, that has nothing to do, on the contrary. A striking example from Cockells Book: If more and more people in all life, you will soon also be biodegradable or otherwise recyclable fabrics for baby diapers as well as for monthly walls and tampons must be found. "Used diapers on the moon are not very romantic," Rooms Cockell. "This is not the fabric for space dreams."Nevertheless, they show very clearly how many environmental ies are radical and urgent in space than on earth. In Auberdirdische settlements, it is important to avoid the emergence of mullhalden from the outset. The degradation of earthly mull mountains can only benefit from this.

The space inhabitants could become a glowing model for earthling, not just in environmental ies. More importantly and more important and far-reaching are the questions about the legal and socio-political constitution of the all-established humanity. The opposite boss of the US space resistance NASA, Michael Griffin, has unmistakably formulated the US goals: if human civilization has reached the point that more people live outside the earth than on their, so griffin, then "we want their Culture is west ". At a conference in November 2005, he compared the infrastructure infrastructure in space in the space in the USA, Interstate Highways. The NASA wool such a network in all building, the partners were only allowed to decide what they want beyond the upstairs and departures.

The moon – new habitat? Image: nasa

Time window in front of the lunar gold rush

Such exercises generated by the Frontier Myth of the Wilder West have encouraged various lobby organizations to encourage all of the possibility of private property in all. So far, this is adopted by the 1967 and also ratified by the USA Outer Space Treaty of the United Nations. But representatives of an aggressive commercialization of the universe, such as Klaus Heiss, director of "High Frontier Inc."Courains already explained that the US should simply ignore the Outer Space Treaty.

There are also critical voices, but they are still comparatively quiet. "The Chairman of the United States, space to, rapturous," writes the communication scientist Linda Billings in the magazine "Space Policy", "Corresponds to the Chairman, Democratize the Middle East ‘. In both cases, the questions that kind of legal, ethical and social structures and values these untrusted cultural environments were best appropriate, does not even be requested."The idea of the solar system as a gigantic supermarket, as propagated by representatives of aggressive space capitalism, the employee of the California Seti Institute opens the idea of space as a protective wilderness. Similarly, Charles Cockell proposes to transfer the principle of national parks to all and in this way to anchor the unity of earth and space stronger in consciousness.

People like Billings and Cockell need bonded. Grununen will not prevent people from being able to prevent people with their rejection of the manned space ride, not even significantly delay. But they are awarded the opportunity to accommodate the design of human civilization in the all of the whole influence.

In Hollywood movies like "Deep Impact" or Armageddon, dangerous asteroids from dramaturgical grunden is very effective with atomic bombs with the earth are very effective shortly before the collision. In fact, the defense of such cosmic projectiles is far more gentle, but with coarse prospect of success in achieving success by directing them from their train from their place. The over a kilometer gross asteroid in 1950, the on 16. Marz 2880 The earth is dangerous to come close and his impact of global destruction was made, today one needed to be easy to use today so that he fails far away in 873 years.

As a similar manner, the development of future societies can still be influenced in all with comparatively little effort today. This time window does not leave any long time. If facts have been created, if the lunar gold rush has used, it is too Spat. May a party who wrote the sustainability to their flags prove the eyes? ()

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