Because it makes spab: a b-class with v8 engine

Because it makes spab: a b-class with v8 engine

Rastatt, 4. January 2011 – Special Spab have many carmakers if they screw together, which is not together. Two years ago we once had the opportunity to drive a converted 190er with state-of-the-art diesel technology, even for us a pleasure. This time, apprentices in the Daimler factory Rastatt has a Crossbrave B-Class implanted a V8 and missed a rear drive.

Pure with the V8

The car with the name B 55 was created according to Mercedes on stimulation of the local director Peter Wesp. He ordered his team to build an unusual vehicle based on the B-class. Andreas Wurz, responsible for the technical training of the trainees, then took a customsstock, the B-Class and came to an amazing conclusion: it had to fit into a V8. Together with his colleague Matthias Rieger, he collected a team from Zwolf Azubis from the second and third year of the year to make their education in the areas of assembly and mechatronics.

The B-Class space concept should remain unnecessary, the interior should be appropriately upgraded to the new vehicle class, and even slightly low-level changes were planned. Finally, the result should be suitable for everyday use. Was amed by a B 200 CDI, which was intended anyway for learning purposes. As a new engine, it rose a 5.5-liter V8 with 388 hp and 530 nm. The was implanted together with a seven-speed automatic in the B-Class.

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