Battle royale: “fortnite” leave early access, “crucible” will be beta again

Battle Royale:'fortnite' verlasst early access, 'crucible' wird wieder beta'fortnite' verlasst early access, 'crucible' wird wieder beta

The Battle Royale Shooter "Fortnite" Leave his early access phase. This is writing developer Epic Games in a blog entry. "Early access" is a name for video games that are already sold but not yet finished. Officially the gaming phanomen "Fortnite" So far one of these games.

Especially with online games like "Fortnite" says the name "Early access" But little, because these titles are constantly being developed anyway. Developer Epic Games refers to the earlynite ear-access label in the blog entry because it is also one "oversight". Shear: At the "Battle-Royale Shooter" It also goes outside the Early-Access as before.

Even "save the world", the original game mode of "Fortnite", is no longer ear-access. "save the world" is a campaign mode of "Fortnite", compete in the player against Ki opponents. This mode has been present "Battle Royale" Developed, but now only plays a subordinate role. Bad news is available for players who are on a free publication of "save the world" Hope have hoped: The original game mode of Fortnite will continue to be conservative only against money. He currently costs 40 euros.

"Crucible" dares the step back

The opposite way of "Fortnite" Am Amazon’s online shooter "Crucible". The title started in May turn into it quickly as a flop. Now the developers pull the emergency brake: "Crucible" is now a beta without open access for new players. In a blog entry, the developers explain, which should give time to implement feedback.

"Crucible" is at the core a mixture of Battle-Royale games like "Fortnite" and Moba games like "League of Legends" – Depending on the game mode with different priorities. Several of these game modes, with those "Crucible" was started, the developers have already spied again. Now you want to put a uniform concept inertoglich. For this purpose, the developer team wants to play regularly with community members.

"Crucible" 100 seconds

For already active "Crucible"-Players should hardly change through the step. Who before the "Resignation" Already had an account, may continue to play as usual, but new players will not be allowed at the moment. When new players access to "Crucible"-Get beta, do not give the developers yet.

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