Battle decided

Battle decided

Wolfsburg, 25. April 2015 – Ferdinand Piech (78) After decades, in the Volkswagen Group, Germany’s rompers rugged the rogue. A violent power struggle – just with Martin Winterkorn, his drawing son and later successor to the top of the Board – ended the unprecedented career of the Chairman of the Supervisory Board at the Wolfsburg World Group. That Piech was lose after a two-week shadow box behind the scenes and advice for his motives for the rebound of winter grain so quickly within the control panel at jerking, surprises: the autonarr was previously considered the inviolable power center of VW. Knapp, but ruthlessly, he dismantled his long-term familiar winter grain 14 days ago – six words ranged from: "I’m at a distance to Winterkorn," said Piech’s mirror.

Exercises of this kind are legend. "Gotterfather" called a small investor Piech once whose statements are found in principle. In 2009, in the middle of the Takeover Champion with Porsche, Piech told the question of whether the then Porsche boss Wendelin Wiedeking fed his confidence: "At the moment. Stroke the "yet"!". The grandson of the legendar autoconstruter Ferdinand Porsche sees VW as his life’s work. From the former supership candidate, he formed an international group, in which now the motorbike over cars to the heavy truck rolls the entire automobile palette from the band. The Easter-Rich Association as a Supervisory Board and Patriarch his love for technology with strict guidance and familiar entrepreneurship. Ferdinand Karl Piech, so his full name, steered the Group itself from 1993 to 2002 and supervised him as boss supervisor. His family trunk Porsche / Piech is rough action at Volkswagen.

On the recipe for success for successful consolidated management, Piech in his autobiography says, "The idea of a highlycaked internal team of five to ten people, whose interaction turns only a single one in detail, has not left me for a lifetime. It has remained the most important recipe, how to actually make a lead against competition."

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