Backing on the warpath

Indian is back. 60 years ago, the War Beil had been buried from the Indian Hauptlingen, end -lative, it seemed. But today the old American motorcycle brand rolls three new models with the traditional name "Chief" (Hauptling) on the warpath. Polaris has revived the brand and its products and offers the old archenone Harley-Davidson again the chromed forehead.

Indian was founded in 1901 and thus six years before Harley-Davidson. The only true competitor proclaims 1902 as his year of birth, but there have Mr. Harley and the Davidson brother still screwed on her first prototype and the company was actually founded in 1907 officially. For this, Harley-Davidson may claim to be consistently existent, whereas Indian – in the 1920s was still brimized motorcycle manufacturer in the world – 1953 was bankrupt.

Comeback after 60 years

The naming rights to Indian went in the following decades as a hiking cup by various hands until they were lively bought by Polaris Industries in 2011. The company is already very successful snowmobiles, quads and with the brand "Victory" also Motorrader. Obviously, one wanted to establish a serious Harley opponent with Indian and spoke to the development of Chief Classic models, Chief Vintage and Chieftain no costs and Muhen. To construct the tremendous 1811 cubic centimeter engine – self-consuming a V2 – in Switzerland at the company Swissauto, which is now also attending Polaris Empire. The three new models – all with identical engine – should be punished nostalgic flair and actually seemed to be directly from the 1950s.

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