Back to the future: saab phoenix

Back to the future: saab phoenix

Geneva (Switzerland), 3. Marz 2011 – Saab shows on the Geneva Motor Show of 3. until 13. Marz 2011 A futuristic study with traditional brand features. The Phoenix Concept gives evidence of what could be expected from the brand in the future.

A touch of ur-saab and sonnet

The drop shape of the Phoenix has a CW value of 0.25 and should remember the UR-SAAB designed by aircraft ingients. At the sharply cut rear, you think of the small coupe Sonett II from the 1960s. Between the slit-forming LED headlamps the redesigned grill sits. His shaping and the bonnet with the striking "Muscle" are expected to remain in the art production models. Further characteristics of the Phoenix: planes, aerodynamic swing on the roof and no visible turgles and outpoint mirrors. Instead, miniature cameras supply the driver a picture of the events behind him. A far-end tailgate offers access to a flat cargo space.

Inside minimalist

Minimalist is the inner ambience. Motorsport dressing provide shell-shaped seats and structural elements in metallopics reminiscent of surprise ball. The instrument layout is a saab-typical geared to the driver. The annular display should remember the afterburner of a Dusenjager. A head-up display projects more info in the slice. In a 45 degree angle to the driver tilted to the right of the steering wheel an eight-inch touchscreen. He is attending the new Infotainment and Communication System iQon. It is based on the Google operating system Android and offers among other things internet access with online navigation. A red instrument and interior lighting should "Emotional warm" Light donate. LEDs illuminate the boom. The jerk seats of the Phoenix are foldable. In addition, a flexible Cargo track system should facilitate the transport of differently gross charges.

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