Autonomous apple cars turned significantly more rounds 2020

Autonomous Apple cars turned significantly more rounds 2020

According to the stated US resist, Apple has significantly expanded its tests with robot cars in 2020. 69 of the autonomous vehicles made by the Group of regular cars, made good 30 from December 2019 to the end of November 2020.000 kilometers controlled by Apple’s software, as suggested from the decomposition statistics of the California Ministry of Transport. The year before, 66 cars were on the strain.

The safety drivers sitting in the vehicle had to take the control at least 130 times the control. In the previous year, so 2018 to 2019, Apple’s robot cars only drove around 12.000 kilometers in the home state of the Group. However, the Group was more frequent in 2017 to 2018 as 2020.

"Apple Car"-Clogged with Kia and Hyundai

In the past few weeks, the cooking speculation for years had received new food again on an Apple car. Thus, in media reports, a cooperation with the Sudkorean Hyundai Group and its brand Kia was the question. In addition, the production of a self-propelled Apple car in Kia’s plant in the US state of Georgia should be prepared for 2024. Hyundai announced at the beginning of the week but that it is currently "no talk" with Apple over the development of self-propelled cars.

Apple has been developing technology for years for autonomous driving and testing to robot cars converted SUVs of the Toyota daughter Lexus on public strain – this is also known for a long time because the state-like regulators must be notified. It has been about the software for a long time.

Apple ride is not the most

Most autonomous kilometers in California drove in the past year test vehicles of General Motors Robot Daughter Cruise. They came to a distance of more than 1.2 million kilometers. Security drivers had to intervene only 27 times. Apple could also reduce his intervention rate: from 8.35 "Disengagement" per 1000 miles in 2019 on now 6.91 "Disengagement" per 1000 miles.

Google sister company Waymo reduced her rides in the Corona pandemic of 2.3 million kilometers in the same period of the previous year to a good one. Here the security drivers had to take 21 times in action. Cruise and Waymo also have permission to send robot cars without people at the wheel on Californian straws. (With material of the DPA/

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