Apple favors more intel imac variants from the offer

Apple favors more Intel iMac variants from the offer

Apple further reduces its range of Intel machines. After the Group has officially taken the IMAC Pro from the program for the weekend, also disappeared two model variants of the Regular iMac 4K from the Group’s online loading of the Group.

Without replacement

These are the versions with 512 GB as well as with 1 Tbyte gross SSD. Both were deleted without replacement. Only the entry-level variant with less than 256 GB SSD and the model with 1 TBB, SSD hard disk combination ("Fusion Drive") but technically hardly recommended.

This makes the offer with the 21.5 inch Groben IMAC 4K much more unattractive. Why the two variants have been painted, is still unclear so far; However, the development had previously indicated. So the 512 GB and 1 TByte version of the iMac 4K have been around since the beginning of Marz "currently not" availability, which is then no longer anywhere. Now they are completely painted, there is not even an indication that they existed earlier.

Broken book Wild on the way

From the scene, in the meantime, Apple works feverish on new iMac variants with arm chip. These could appear early in April, but maybe only in summer or autumn. Apple is planning a new design, which is oriented at the Pro Display XDR, also allegedly provided like the one in the UR-iMac different color variants. A bad availability of age models suggests that new versions could appear comparatively timely.

Apple had fitted the Mac Mini, the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro with 13-inch screen with Apple silicone chips in the last fall – with the form factor. The M1-arm chips were praised due to their high speed. For the All-In-One Calculator Imac, whose design has not been changed for a small eternity, the group was able to use a second arm series for Macs, which is a bit thunder again. The M1 chip is based on the installed in the iPhone 12 or iPad Air 4 A14


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