Apple announces new accessibility features for iphone, ipad and watch

Apple announces new accessibility features for iPhone, iPad and Watch

Apple has made numerous new features for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch global accessibility Awareness Day, Apple Watch, with which people with disabilities and other frective restrictions can use their devices easier to operate. The features build on existing such as assistive touch and should be part of coming versions of iOS, iPados and Watchos.

Mouse pointer on the watch

As the group writes in a message, operating helps come to the Apple Watch for the first time. People with a frosted mobility that can not use the touchscreen allow them to control the computer clock with gestures. The Watch recognizes a pinch movements with the fingers as well as the fist together. This makes it possible to navigate Menus and remove functions. This is implemented on the acceleration sensors of the clock. Even more impressive is another feature: Uber assistive touch get the computer clock on request also a mouse pointer. This dives when you shake your hand short.

The iPad continues to receive pleasant support for the Eye Tracking. Thus, it is possible to control the tablet only with the eyes. However, at all, external devices are necessary, the camera in the iPad is not enough. According to Apple "Made for ipad"-Gerate will come to the market this year. Over the eye movement, the mouse pointer is then controlled; A long reputation Lost Menus.

VoiceOver and arguments language

Furthermore, there is an improved voiceover function for detecting and describing images, the support of new Horgerate and audiogram and one "Background sounds"-Function that plays sound that should calm down and distract from outdoor noise. The text size settings have also been improved.

Assistive Touch on the Apple Watch (Video: Apple).

Apple continued to know a new shopping feature in the USA, Great Britain and France. With "Sign" You can also advise you to advise yourself in arenal language in the Apple Store and Apple Support. The function should be extended to further land.

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