App store: apple makes games streaming lighter – a bit

App Store: Apple makes games streaming lighter - a bit

Apple reacts slowly and rally on the coarse conflict around the App Store, the Epic Games left. While the lawsuit about app commissions and account locks still swungs, the iPhone Group has now adapted its app store rules. This should allow game streaming services under IOS Artificial ways – and partly violent criticism of providers like Microsoft or Facebook oppose.

New rules of Apple

The now Confilled Changes of the Official App Store Review Guidelines are designed for the first time a games streaming under iOS officially allocate and make certain requirements for in-app-selling clear. "Streaming games are allowed as long as you stick to all rules", So Apple.

This is likely that every single game must be routed to the group review of the Group. In addition, "Matching metadata" provided for the search and in-app sells always carried out via Apple’s interface – which is of course also the well-known 30 percent commission excluded. In addition, the game apps have to support child protection measures such as on-screen time and provide a possibility that each title can be evaluated individually.

Download games individually

An overalltabo is therefore possible for a streaming games service, but the titles appear individually in the App Store. Microsoft, whose Service Xcloud is currently not available for Apple devices, has already responded to the new regulation and shared against US media, Apple’s approach ensure one "Bad experience for customers".

The gamer wanted "jump directly into a game" – starting from a curated catalog that can be found within a single app, "Just like movies and music". Microsoft Start, for example, that users then "are forced to download over 100 apps to play individual games from the Cloud". In fact, Apple is based on its own gate service Arcade with this approach – even here you download each title to the iPhone.

In-app changes

In its in-app sales, Apple will continue to make it clear in its new rules that App providers of courses and consultations – which are booming in Corona times – can also settle on alternative payment services as long as it is around "Experience between two individuals" act.

This meant about fitness hours, virtual visits or real estate tours. at "One to Few"- or "One to Many"-Offered, so those who sits more than one person in the virtual audience, Apple’s full commissions are fally.

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