Antisocial behavior or: how to fear bad and control

Since then the Labor government "Antisocial behavior" (ASB) sanctioned, multiply the offenses and grows the fear

When new standards and thus standard injuries are introduced by a company, the perception will also grow for this. If it is supposedly deviating behavior, the fear, which was previously not available, wormed. Similarly, this is with new disturbances and disease pictures. Suddenly there is a wave of autism, internetishness or attention disclosures. And no woman really, whether it’s new disease forms or just the norm has shifted.

As a similar is that happened in the Great Britain. There, the new Labor party arrived at power has tried to prevail on order in public life. Which was once more arranged and, above all, went out of young people, has been branded and punished as antisocial behavior since 1998 (respect by guards and punishments). The Anti-Social Behavior Orders (ASBOS) were introduced to enforce depreciation, the definition according to the Ministry of Interior: "Any Aggressive Behavior Is Any Aggressive, Intimidating Or Destructive Activity That Damages Or Destroys Another Person’s Quality of Life."

Already loud, can now be antisocial, or even to stop drugs: "Teen Hanging Around on the Streets". Groups of young people who behave provocative will be antisocial, just because they are several. Vandalism, graffitis attach, beg, throw away something, drunk alcohol in public space, Storeful neighbors ("Loud Music or Televisions, And Refusing To Silence Dogs That Bark Nonstop") And much others can now appear in a framework that is threatening and leads to other crimes. Anxiety is awakened, and new possibilities are always considered how to prevent and prevent antisocial behavior prevention (preventor – already before birth). The goal is: Caution when the alarm ring rings! or so: "We beat back". It seems clear that the Labor Initiative has strengthened the fear of the British in front of her own adolescents: wild vermin: the fear of the British in front of the children.

Of course, the offenses were increasingly. Every second will now be a Brite victim of antisocial behavior. Soon the company itself is the cause of the offense and everyone had to become a Robinson on a lonely island. Apparently, the spines are extended and dwinds the tolerance, even if the criminal entity drops, the fear increases. The Ministry of the Interior estimates that 33 million offenses within the meaning of antisocial behavior have happened last year, but that only 3.7 million were displayed. 33 million, so the telegraph, who is afraid, the goods per day 90.000 and just every second.

Most of the time it was ruplated behavior. Then there are neighbors that somehow stewers, but more but still loading through cars. You also agile about animals, mull and much others. If more and lower offenses become a police relevant and the control density of everyday behavior increases, the mutual monitoring also increases and faster is faster – just right -.

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