Antionline became a victim of a cracker

According to Symantec, it now meets the second website dedicated to security

Especially after John Vranesevich, who had the website Antionline had ruled from the hacker scene, he pulled criticism. He was accused, among other things, the cracks, of which he often reported first, was partly commissioned. Now Antionline itself has become a victim of a cracker. This is already the second handled attack on a website that has prescribed the security after already Cracker had changed the Symantec website..

Supposedly there is how Vranesevich says, every two minutes an attempt to enter the website of Antionline. So far, nobody did yet. And also the latest attack on Thursday does not have the "Integrates of our servers or the data contained thereon" damaged. By a trick is only information that is in the new section "Eye on the Underground" was published, for certain versions of the Browser of Netscape and IE have been represented differently.

A cracker using a Russian Internet Account managed the data coming from the website bikkel.Com "Eye on the Underground" be transferred to that they contained a hidden code. This led visitors to the site on another website, on the, along with the text: "Expensive security systems do not protect stupidity", a rigid eye to see. "Eye on the Underground" automatically collects the announcements of the discussion group and represents it there. That had the cracker or hacker? – exploited to automatically upload its data to the Antionline website.

The changed website was with the glamored criticism on the practices of Antionline linked. Was raised that antionline had begun to copy content of various websites without asking them after approval. "To touch a webboard so that it accepts an HTML code is nothing new. New but is that a ‘security site’ such a stupid mistake makes to replicate a webboard without any precaution. It’s very chic to have a changed website, or?"

Vranesevich brought the site back within one hour and announced that the incident is due to a mistake in the filters to feed. Over this, this is something that was not affecting the normal security of servers: "We have caused the gay. We visit the hacker sites dynamic, and that is a scenario that will probably not hit your average system administrator." Everything in order?

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