Amokfahrt in the self-built tank

In an American small town, a man staged a spectacular ratchet assault, with which he passed himself from life

Modern technology is known not only expanding the power of coarse organizations, but also of individuals. With explosives or weapons like a Kalashnikov, a single person can produce rough disaster and spread horrors. With mass destruction of weapons such as dirty bombs, chemical or biological weapons, the potential power of the individual rises even further in so far fantastic dimensions. But the traditional terrorist weapons are still used. On the 11th.9. the devastating destructive force of converted passenger aircraft and shortly thereafter the panic emanating from anthrax letters demonstrated. Massaker in schools or workplaces have already been many with firearms. Now a business man in Colorado has shown how a modern Kohlhaas can also use the power of a bulldozer in a suicide attack.

Terrorism is not only a political deed. Also a behavior, which is commonly referred to as a rampage and thus as a blown action, is obvious. The signs are more common that terror becomes an option for attention mat of every kind (I am God). In the meantime, fantasy is in demand in the worldwide competition. Anyone who does not give unusual ways or the actions of the competitors exercise has little opportunities beyond the regional news to be perceived. Today, more and more spectacular Connecting today serve to upgrade a suicide and at least to leave his traces in the world at least in death. Today it is also possible to generate global attention.

The 52-year Marvin Heemeyer has done this and thus a certain reputation for himself without doubt – and he did not act spontaneously, but is well prepared for his final action before the gait from the world. He had announced his revenge with a bulldozer in January, after the municipality of Granby had allowed it that a cement factory was built next to his business for Schweighgerate. Apparently, there was a feud for a long time with the owner of the cement factory. Then there was a fine of the community, because Heemeyer was loving around his basic prudent autowrack and his house was not attached to the wastewater. For a year a gross bulldozer stood on the basic piece with a shield "For Sale".

Heemeyer took place by the community and responded on Friday afternoon at 15 o’clock local time with an attack on the real estate of those who have violated his right after his view. The fantasy, everything flattened, what a branch, probably slumbering in many people, Heemeyer could at least one and a half hours in the city with 2.200 inhabitants of his revenge and, among other things, the cement factory, the town hall, the library, a bank, the building of the local newspaper as well as some businesses and houses destroyed or damaged, the municipal council members objured. When he wanted to go to a residential area, in which Hauser of municipal council members stand, he was stopped by an even coarse planning rape and had to be around. A motive for Dafur he did not give himself. On his answering machine everything sounded unobjective: "I’m sorry, I’m gone. I Should Be Back on the Fourth Or Fifth of June."

He’s a Teddy Bear. He’s a real lovable, soft, sweet guy. I Didn’t Think He Would Hurt Them Intentionally – But That He Would Go After Their Businesses And Hurt Him Financially, The Way He Thinks They Hurt Him.

An acquaintance of Heemeyer

After all, heemeyer did not seem to have apart from being hurt, nobody was hurt, but he wanted to export his destructive revenge train as long as possible. As a sweat expert, he built an armored bulldozer, in which he was safe from kicking. He had surrounded with a tank made of steel plates, between which concrete was. It is suspected that he used a home-bent crane to lift the tank over the bulldozer. Once enclosed goods Heemeyer came from himself no longer out of his armored vehicle. So it was probably an amoe run, which should end with his death, as this happens. Presumably he had shot himself when the engine went out of his bulldozer in front of a house.

I’m Trying To Be Politically Correct, But This Guy What a Nasty Son of A Bitch. He Had The Maturity Level of A 5-Year Old.

The Burgermeister of Granby

HeeMeyer, with 115 kilograms themselves a heavyweight, controlled the makeshift spanner by means of video cameras and three monitors. From the cabin with an air conditioning, he could fire with three rifles forward by small slots, which there was also on the side and behind. With the guns he shot a few times on propane gas tanks in front of a business and obviously wanted to explode an explosion. What he did not chuck. Policemen gave on the bulldozer tank as he rolled houses, cars, tree and lamps, allegedly hundreds of shot, without causing something. It has to have been a spooky scene, as the eerie dangled his extermination trace through the city (video), followed by policemen that shot out of the tank to Fub and made of vehicles.

For safety’s sake, the safety force was initially trying to get into the interior of the tank with explosive ruts. With cutting burners you could quickly penetrate after an hour’s work on Saturday at two o’clock breakfast to the dead, which you then turned out with a crane, as the fear insisted that Heemeyer could have installed in the inner snapshots.

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