Amnesty throws turkey “scandal disregard of civil life” before

Amnesty throws Turkey'schandliche missachtung zivilen lebens' vor

Serekaniye. Image: Kurdish news agency Anha

The militar surgery "Peace source" should pause for an agreement between the US and Turkey. Kurdish sources report that the fights continue

One "Scandal disregard of civil life" If Amnesty International hosts Turkey in her militar surgery in Northern Syria. In the report of human rights organizations, two air raids – one in the near a school, will be published by another on a civil convoy, a grenade attack and targeted totters, for which the members of the Turkey Militan Ahrar Al-Sharkiya are responsible.

In a Turkish air raid on Salhiye is supposed to be the morning of the 12. October ammunition located near a school, where the civil-population sought refuge, four people were killed, including two children whose body "until unrecognizable" were, an employee of the Kurdish Red Cross is quoted.

Such pictures should show in mind that the civil avalanche is not exactly what is always being called for militar operations ("It’s just against terrorists"), spared. The AI report provides even more "close ups" Horrible war damage by surgery "Peace source". You will not put into the series of not further "Richless attacks" provided "Residential area, a residential building, a baking and a school" hunt.

In addition, the report also ames the murder of Kurdish politician Hevrin Khalaf and their mutual bodywork through a militia bonded to Turkey, which in the last few days made for international surveying (Turkish proxy troops: "The UBBeSt"To). Such violence must be brought in court, according to the demand of the human rights organization.

Over 200 dead civilians

218 civilians, including 18 children, have previously come to life by the Turkish militar surgery, 650 were injured, it has been injured in an explanation of the health resistance of Kurdish administration, which is mentioned in the AI report.

Also sacrificial numbers on Turkish side are called. Here one gets on Turkish registers that report the 18-toten civilians and 150 injured on the Turkish side of the border. They are to be victims of grenade starring, which comes from Kurdish power in Syria. If this applies, according to the Amnesty report, then there is also a violation of international laws. "The Kurdish power should stop such unlawful attacks immediately", appeals amnesty.

The criticism of the report, however, is based on the Turkey. You have sound evidence for the juccipless attack from this page. As sources are called testimony reports of 17 persons – enamed civilians, humanitarians and medical helpers, journalists – as well as video recordings and medical findings, other documentation.

Kurdish Sources, Turkish Press Gag

As it indicates the above-mentioned employees of the Kurdish Red Cross and the cooperation of Rojava Information Centers (a Verbund International Journalists) on the AI report, the report on sources that are Kurdish or are closely linked to Kurds in the attacked area.

Turkey has no interest in bringing this side of its militar surgery to the public, as it has largely cleared with arrests of unpleasant journalists. This is how it remains to report Kurdish media to report to Islamistic militias because such reports of Turkish journalists in Ankara certainly did not like to be seen.

That the vorter right-counter turkish militar surgery, the z.B. Since a week Serkaniye (Arabic: Ras al-ain) from the air and on the ground attacks, to civilian victims, belongs to the calculus of Turkey. The human costs on the Kurdish side are not interesting for the government in Ankara, they are consequently, especially on Kurdish websites such as the German-speaking website.

But also the Syrian news agency SANA also reports by Turkish attacks on residential areas.

"No ceasefire, just a break"

From the sources mentioned, such as the Rojava Information Center, also emphasizes that the struggle in Serekaniye continues, despite the ceasefire agreed between the US and Turkey ("Do not be a tough guy. Do not Be a Fool!"To). This is confirmed here, here, here and here.

The Turkish Auister Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu also corrected the impression that a truce had been agreed. It just go to one "Ceasefire". This is apparently designed for Turkish discretion. Anyway, the interpretations and the conclusions differ from the US Turkical agreement. So is the text as the female house is predominant before the agreed points 1 to 13 preceded that the turkey "Immediately puts a ceasefire into force".

Cavusoglu, on the other hand, refers to point 11 of the agreement in which it is called: "The Turkish side will pause with the source of peace to allow the deduction of the YPG from the security zone within 120 hours. The operation is stopped until the deduction is complete."

The SDF from the SDF was approved for this agreement. However, the trigger from Ras Al-Ayn (Serkaniye) for the SDF is Tuckisch, as the city is surrounded by the Turkish militar and its composite militias (which opened an invoice). Consequence are mutual premieges that give the Turkish militar to attack the pretext.

The Turkish security zone and the advance of the Syrian army

It is striking that no information about the size of the security zone is made in the document between the US and Turkey. On the other hand, information was discussed today, according to which Turkey were committed for a 30-kilometer-wide security zone.

Finally, the US wanted the NATO partner from justified security interests only a 5-kilometer-wide zone (also these beyond all international regulations, as the US is not the Souveran over this area). The US special sentiment Jeffrey also has a 30-kilometer-wide security zone in its exercises. According to Erdogan, she should be 444 kilometers long.

However, the opinions for enforcement also differ here. Most clearly against "errone mainstream amptions" Argues again the observer Moon of Alabama. There is referenced that the Syrian army and Russia opposed the:

It will not be Turkish "Safety corridor" give. The Kurdish civilians in Kobane, Ras Al-Ain and in Qamishli are nowhere to go. The Turks will not touch these areas with Kurdish majority because they are already or soon under the control of the Syrian government and their army.

Moon of Alabama

The fact that the Syrian army has already brought in accordance with the Uber Russia arrangement already Kurdish area under its control is reported at Sana. There you will show the Syrian flag in Kobane (Arabic: Ayn Al-Arab).

The US Syrian observer EHSANI 2 also ames that the Syrian army and Russia will complain the leach that the next five days by deducting the Kurdish defense faith. His short comment says the turkey "important bags" keep within the Syrian area.

Probably it is no coincidence that the 5-day-"Break" On 22. October ends. For this day, a meeting between Putin and Erdogan is planned in Sochi. There, the decisive appointments were to be made to North Syria. Also, the further action in idlib is highly likely to help. Also, it remains open how long the Turkey you "protectorate" can keep in Afrin. The Syrian government always emphasizes that Turkey is an aggressor ..

The many intricate crisis areas in Northern Syria also ask the question of how to handle escape straps. The Turkish attack on a peaceful area has far over 100.000 people brought to escape, the Kurdish recording bearings were already overlapped before.

A Syrian-Russian offensive against jihadist militias in idlibs, which are observers than "Counterparty" is expected to meet Turkish interests, probably also drove to other domestic flights.

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